Rainbow 6: Siege Montreal Invitational

Next week the biggest event in the history of Rainbow 6: Siege will descend upon Montreal to squad up and fight for their share of 200,000. While the PC bracket is filled with great talent, I’m going to focus on our brothers that play on Xbox One. Why? Because my team is on there and I am so proud of them for how hard they have worked to get there.

The Six Invitational Xbox One teams represent the best teams from around the globe. North America and the EU both had two teams that were invited, Elevate and Vitality. The Latin America, EU and North America each held a qualifier while ANZ (Australia New Zealand) had a single tournament. Of these qualifiers, Lethal Gaming, Lucky7, Dex.UNITED and MindFreak round out the bracket. This is a 6 team tournament with Elevate and Vitality taking a round one bye.

Lethal Gaming was one of the Season 3 Competitive pro teams that held a solid record going throughout the season. However, after changing up the squad and bringing in Easily and DuckYzZ, the squad has turned into an absolute powerhouse that had dominated North America. Will they have a chance to make it to the finals? Will Elevate and Lethal Gaming throw down for an NA Championship, making our region the stand alone powerhouse in Rainbow 6: Siege? We’ll find out next week. For now, let’s take a look at the bracket.

Rainbow 6 Siege Montreal Invitational Bracket 1

Lucky7 is a new French squad that flipped from PS4 to X1 late last summer. Without much of a learning curve they came into their qualifiers looking to win, stunning Supremacy and taking their claim to a spot in Montreal. Dexterity managed to pull out a double qualifier, having both their PC and Console team qualify. This first match will be a clash of tactics, as both of these regions have vastly different play styles.

The second series of Lethal Gaming taking on MindFreak. You’re probably tired of hearing me talk about the LG, so let’s highlight a bit of MindFreak for a moment. These guys have been around since day one. Dizzle and Pun rounded out their squad with Acez, Rolphy and Flanked, then dominated their qualifier. They are the first team to represent ANZ in a global tournament.  Will they be able to give Lethal a run and upset them? We’ll find out.

The two winners of these will face undisputed powerhouses eLevate and Vitality. Introductions for these two organizations are unnecessary, as most fans of eSports are familiar with both. Vitality is a French powerhouse that competes in almost every game on every platform.  Needless to say, any combination of these six teams in the Rainbow 6: Siege finals will make for one of the most fast paced, high intensity finals of any gaming series this year.

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