Novus Inceptio Playthrough – Episode 2

A few days ago I took my first tentative steps into the unknown world of Novus Inceptio. In short, and you can read the post here, I ran around scavenging items and made a rudimentary (and at that time incomplete) house for me to rest my half-naked ass.

As promised, I returned to Novus Inceptio keen to know more about the mysterious world, and what else McMagics Steam Early Access Survival Sandbox game has to offer.

So, as I logged off last time I was in the dark huddling around a campfire, getting hungry and a bit thirsty, next to my half built wooden house. Well, not house so much as a room with a flat roof on it, but it kept the rain off my head… well mostly.

I throw some deer meat that I had on me on to the fire and created some basic food. I mean there are only so many apples you can eat. A small walk to the water’s edge to quench my thirst sorted my two most present needs.  As I seemingly don’t need to sleep in Novus Inceptio, I spent the rest of the dark hours cutting down trees and gathering leaves to make the logs and twine necessary to finish my house, and there was enough time to add another room on to the building. It was a large empty room but it least it was mostly finished.

Novus Inceptio Playthrough Episode 2 Screenshot 1

Anyway, with the sun rising, it was time for me to do some exploring. Just what is that pillar of light in the distance? After walking for what seemed like an age, and not getting much further I figured whatever it was it could wait. Plus, I’d found a fairly dense crop of copper nodes so didn’t want to lose those. I returned to my base, and as I approached the familiar surroundings of my increasingly large yet still unfinished house-room I saw a floating cube.

Clearly, something to run towards without a seconds thought and I got teleported into a long bare rock passageway with nothing much in it except crystal formations and mushrooms. Grabbing as many of both as I could, I got to the end of that very long passageway where the exit floating cube was waiting for me.

Novus Inceptio Playthrough Episode 2 Screenshot 2

Further possible danger awaited as I found several small packs of wolf’s hanging around my house. Though luckily they didn’t really pay much interest in me until, I attacked them with my knife. I killed all of them, but seriously damaged my knife in the process which meant I had to repair or make another one.

After a few rather unsuccessful attempts the knife I made did under half the damage of my original knife, but without any other options it would have to do.

Eating some roasted wolf meat and drinking some more water at the campfire recuperated some energy but there was still more things for me to make, and after all I was still walking around half-naked.

So, going through my crafting inventory I made an anvil. Somehow, I managed this with only a campfire nearby and a crap load of iron ingots. I’d best not question that too much, but now I had an anvil I could make some repair kits and get my original knife in better condition hoorah.

Novus Inceptio Playthrough Episode 2 Screenshot 4

My second task was to start preparing all the leather I had skinned from all the dead wolves. Using Lye created from the campfire ashes and water, I prepared the leather. A few stitches later and I was wearing some highly fashionable clothes that will keep me warmer in those dark, campfire lit nights. I also discovered that you can create waypoint markers and hi-tech components using the crystals I’d found in the cave. Although I didn’t have much need for raw silicone now, I suspected it would come in very handy later.

My last act of the night was to top up my water. I’d used all my reserves making Lye so headed back to the lake to refill my bottles. I hoped that a quick swim in the lake would show countless unknown treasures, like oysters with giant pearls, cannibal fish or sunken boats, but alas not in this lake, or at least not in the first twenty or so meters.

Novus Inceptio Playthrough Episode 2 Screenshot 3

So, after my second go, I was really getting to grips with Novus Inceptio. I had got to grips with crafting and basic base building. I’d found weird, teleporting cubes and magic crystals. There’s still much more to do and discover. How do I make furniturefor me house? What happens when my character gets old and dies? What are those floating teleport cubes and where did they come from?

Stay alert for the next part of my journey through the land of Novus Inceptio. If you want to see where it all began, you can find the first part here.

Jim Franklin

Jim Franklin

Jim Franklin is a freelance writer, living in Derby UK with his wife and his player 3. When time allows he likes nothing more than losing himself in a multi-hour gaming session. He likes most games and will play anything but prefers MMO's, and sandbox RPG's.

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