Rainbow Six Year 2 : Whats Coming Up?

Content, Maps, Operators, and a new Perspective on Pro League

Rainbow Six Siege has confirmed a second year of content to be released starting early next year. The release includes details on how the Year 2 season pass will work while retiring the Year 1 pass.  As the release indicated, the roadmap will cover the end of Year one and three sections of Year two. According to the images, it looks like the eight new Operators released will come from some of the top counter-terrorism units around the world, including Poland, Spain, South Korea and Hong Kong. These locations will of course have their own new maps. If everything is on schedule and mirrors Year 1, we can expect the first two Operators to be released with a map in February of 2017.

 Rainbow Six Year 2 Screenshot 1

As you can see above, Ubisoft is running a similar schedule to Year 1, splitting the year up into four seasons that each get an update. Now, what is the perk of getting the season pass? It is immediate access to all DLC operators in that year. Without it you have to wait days until they are open to the public and unlock them with in-game currency. This takes literally forever, as they average 25,000 coins per operator. The Year 2 pass is currently available, and a new DLC pack called Legacy Operator Bundle has been released that unlocks all eight original characters for about $20.  The season to pass comes with 600R6 Credits, but that still required you to shell out 15 bucks to get all of the older ones.

 Rainbow Six Year 2 Screenshot 2

On the competitive front, the changes made to competitive play has made it difficult for emerging community teams to enter into the pro series, while invitations for the top teams remain constant. The Rainbow Six pro league was well spread with no team on xbox one in north America really blowing away the competition. eXcellence ended the season at 4/3/0, and was one of two teams to not lose a game. Onslaught (3/3/1) and 3sUP (2/5/0) rounded out the top three. The middle of the pack shows Strictly Business, SoaR and Lethal Gaming  in close contention while Noble and Denial filled the bottom.

The ESL Pro series for Xbox take place Saturday the 10th on ESL, and will be broadcast on Twitch. The qualifier cup will take place at the same time. So far, 3sUP, Noble Strictly Business are enlisted. Between now and the end of the week, expect to see at least three more of the pro series teams competing in this qualifier.

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