Empyrion Galactic Survival – My Adventure

Space. A terrifying and alien place to most. But, I am no stranger to the vast galactic darkness. After escaping from my ship, I land on a bizarre alien planet that looks not too unlike Earth. It has lush greenery and crystal blue waters. But, this was not Earth.

I stumble, wearily from the crashes pod and retrieve what items I could put into my inventory before I abandoned ship. What was I to do first? I had landed on an alien planet with absolutely no clue what I needed to do first. Luckily, I had managed to bring with me a small crafting station. So, I built my motorbike and an O2 generator and my adventure had begun.

Food was my first priority. But, what was there to eat in this strange place? Perhaps I could find some edible plants or maybe even an animal or two to kill. As I wandered through the wilderness on my brand new bike, i discovered these odd looking plants. I though they looked much like “corn dogs”. They were tasty enough and go great with a berries for dessert, which I also happened to find an abundance of.

After satiating my hunger, and saving some for later, I now found myself in the predicament of needing a base. Something to protect me from the elements and predators that may want to eat me. From the crashed pod, I was able to find blue prints for a Base Core, generator and a large crafting station. It didn’t take me too long to set these up but I was without walls or any sort of shelter. And, it was beginning to get dark.

It looks just like home.

The drones were the first hostiles I had come across. I have no idea where they came from but they new about my base. They mostly come at night. Mostly. Fortunately, I had built myself an assault rifle as soon as I was able. So, taking these drones down was not too much of an issue. My first night was turning out to be productive.

By the time morning broke, I had started to build the foundation of my base. The majority of my night included mining out rock and iron in order to build anything. The handy part about having a large crafting station is that, as long as I have the base components, I am able to simply select the blue print and it makes the entire item for me. I found this especially handy when I needed to make more complex items like the food processor.

I spent many hours on my base. However, building a base requires materials. Not wanting to leave my newly formed shelter undefended, I used the remainder of my materials to create a gun turret. A rather large gun turret. I don’t want it to miss anything after all. Now, I was able to explore the wilderness. What I was looking for were ore deposits. On this world, there seemed to be plenty of them. From Magnesium to Iron, I found enough to help me continue building my base and headed home.

I have possibly spent the most time on this planet building and crafting and trying to figure out how to actually do anything. My next goal was to build a ship. Or at least, some form of craft that could fly. However, I was mightily distracted once I discovered the colouring and texture tools. My once boring steel base could finally look like a home. I nearly died from starvation once or twice because I was so busy building.

This was when I discovered more aliens, peacefully passing by my base. I didn’t see the need to bother them, however, what I did notice was one alien that seemed to stand out. It did not look like the others so, naturally, I killed it. And, consequently the other aliens started attacking me. It was a shame I had to kill them but I did get some decent loot and alien meat…I mean food.

I have been on this planet for many hours and yet I know there is still so much to explore. I shall return at some point to tell you more about my tales, but first I need to build a ship. Or something reminiscent of one at least.




I've always had a passion for games and, since I found my passion for writing, I wanted to write about them. I'll play just about anything if I can get my hands on it. I have an unhealthy obsession with all things Star Wars and my motto is "Never apologise for being a nerd."

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