HCS Halo Championship Review and Predictions

The Fall Season of the NA Halo Championship Series: Pro League has hit the halfway mark after a two week bye that’s left many of us asking a lot of questions. OpTic Gaming is looking shakily inconsistent, having more losses in the last three weeks than all of last season. EnVyUs rebuilt their roster in an attempt to halt the #GreenWall and are currently sitting comfortably in first place. With all of the hype around the NV/OG rivalry (especially after OG swept nV 4-0 at HCS Orange County), they could easily find themselves falling behind the pack. Another team low on luck this season is Allegiance, who have lost 3 critical Game 5’s. Had they won these they would be sitting at a 4-2 record instead of figuring out how to get out of their 1-5 hole.

With all of these storylines happening at once, a lot of changes were expected over the break. OpTic made no changes while Luminosity (LG) swapped out Victory X for Eco. Optic ended up winning the series 3-2 in spectacular fashion. Evil Geniuses took on Team Liquid (pickup up Stellur and dropping Victory X) . Liquid took the series 3-1. NV swept Allegiance in 3, led by some domination by Snipedown who managed to dominate Strongholds on The Rig.

It’s clear who the top two teams will be, and with the halfway point down the leaders are going to want to put a little more space in between 3rd/4th spots. The top four spots are invited to the HCS Fall 2016 Season Finals and right now it’s anyone’s guess on who will make the cut. Looking at the changes that were made, OpTic has the talent and experience to pull out of their slum and take a solid 2nd seed going forward, right behind NV. Luminosity and Team Liquid Pro are consistent, but winning. These four are my predictions to pull out on top of the season standings and make it to the Fall Championship.


OpTic Gaming
Team Liquid Pro

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