Why The FNAF Series Is So Popular

Hey guys, so guess what game appeared this week? I’ll give you a clue: it includes terrifying animatronics that want to kill you. That’s right, Five Nights At Freddie’s is back with all new horrors in Sister Location. I have to admit, I am not one who enjoys FNAF. I thought it was an innovative horror game when the first one came out but now, I feel it has run it’s course. The games feel less scary and more confusing as the series has gone on. Which got me thinking about why this series is so popular?

FNAF Theories and Youtube

I think the biggest thing to come out of the Five Nights At Freddie’s franchise is the amount of theories surrounding it. Ever since the first game, people have been speculating about just what happened at Freddie Fasbear’s Pizzeria. The questions as to why these animatronics come to life at night. And, why on earth anyone would want to spend five nights as a guard there. There are even multiple Youtube channels that regularly talk about these theories as well as play the games. Just to name a couple I know of, 8-Bit Gaming and Razzbowski have some interesting videos. But, it seems that the reason this series became so popular is because of all of this.

Yes, the first game was terrifying. It sparked a whole new genre of horror game. Forcing you to sit in one room and watch as your doom approaches. FNAF had found its audience and you cannot fault Scott Cawthon, the creator, for jumping on that. There have even been several big Youtube gaming channels that have given this game the life it needed. But, as the series has gone on, it seems to have forgotten about actually being scary. Don’t get me wrong, the story had me intrigued for a while. However, now the story seems to be more complicated than perhaps originally planned. And looking into all these theories just confuses me. Perhaps it is because my heart isn’t really in it. I just miss the fact that the first game made me feel genuine fear.

Will There Be More?

Honestly, I hope not. On several occasions now, Scott has said he won’t be making any more and then, BOOM! Sister Location was released. Perhaps I am just a cynic, but I firmly believe that this series has run its course. Now, I know that Sister Location is a slightly different step for the Five Nights At Freddie’s but ultimately, it is the same. You can’t blame Scott for this though. Hell, if I had created a new game that everyone wanted to play I would certainly think about making more. I just think enough is enough. Sister Location at least feels a bit different it isn’t just camera checking and door closing mechanics. The fans still love it and there are plenty of people still playing it. Who knows, maybe Scott really will throw in the towel this time, but somehow I get the feeling we haven’t seen the last of this franchise.


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