What I Want in The Elder Scrolls VI

When it comes to Elder Scrolls fans, I’m sure most of you, like me, were disappointed this year. At E3, Bethesda announced they were bringing out Skyrim Remastered but I was sorely devastated that we won’t be getting a new Elder Scrolls game. And, I think its about time we did. So, while we eagerly await to hear any news about the Elder Scrolls 6, I wanted to share what I think the game should entail.


The Elder Scrolls online has given us fans a lot in the way of the world. Although some may argue it was not well executed in terms of gameplay, the style was spot on. And, we have been very lucky with the amount of locations available to us. Now, I have seen numerous people talk about where they reckon ES6 will be based. Some reckon it will be the Argonian homeland of Black Marsh; others think it will be Valenwood, land of the Wood Elves. I have to agree that I too would hope to see one of these new lands. And, I am certain that in true Bethesda fashion, they will set it somewhere new. Personally, I would like to see either the Khajiit or Argonian homelands. They hold so much potential for different environments and monsters.

I don’t think I would be disappointed with any of the other lands either. It would be nice to see something vastly different from what we already have seen though.

elder scrolls tamriel map
From the Elder Scrolls Wiki page


My only hope with the new Elder Scrolls is that they don’t take the route that they did with Fallout 4. Giving you a backstory would be one of the worst decisions that Bethesda could make for the series. The reason people love the Elder Scrolls is because of the amount of role play available. In Skyrim, if you so chose, you could slaughter everyone in each town and then live in the wilderness as an outcast. Or you could become the world’s greatest lizard wizard. It really is up to you. But, this is something they really failed to deliver in Fallout 4 and I hope that they don’t do this for ES6. The character doesn’t need a voice, what we need is plenty of role play options.

Crafting and Building

One thing I really enjoyed in Fallout 4 was the amount of options for building. They started to introduce building in Skyrim but Fallout 4 really brought it to a new level. I think if they had building in the next Elder Scrolls game it needs to be optional. In Fallout you are pretty much required to do at least some building. It would be better if in ES6 you are able to build your own house or small settlement but not make it mandatory.

And crafting is something that really works for the Elder Scrolls franchise. I think I would be sorely disappointed if they didn’t at least have Skyrim level crafting. More custom options for certain objects would be good and the ability to craft your own arrows is a must for me.

Story Line

I have to admit that Bethesda usually gives us good stories. However, as much as I enjoyed the Dragonborn story line in Skyrim it sort of fell a bit flat. I didn’t care about any of the characters and I didn’t feel very heroic after defeating Alduin either. It was very cool, don’t get me wrong. But, it lost something for me. The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion had a lot more feeling. I actually gave a crap when characters died and there was always a sense that they could all die at any moment. Baurus was my favourite character and when he died the first time I played the Battle for Bruma, I nearly cried. That’s what I want from the next Elder Scrolls. I want to be scared to lose characters and be sad if they die.

I’m a sucker for a good story so I can’t wait to see what they do in ES6.

elder scrolls v skyrim alduin
Screenshot from Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Alduin’s Downfall

Final Thoughts

The only other thing I really want from the next Elder Scrolls is an awesome sound track. I have never been let down when it comes to the music in Elder Scrolls games. Therefore, I am expecting great things. And, of course next gen graphics are a given at this point. I am very excited for a new Elder Scrolls game and I firmly believe we deserve one, and soon. I just hope they get it right.


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