New League of Legends Champion: Kled

Riot has left several teasers surrounding their newest champion. He has been officially announced, and is going by the name of Kled. In a video released by Riot, you can see Kled fighting on one side of a battlefield. On the other side, a dinosaur-like creature is doing battle as well. At the end of the video, the two are reunited and Kled is seen riding on top of the beast. This raises a big question. Will Kled be the first champion in League of Legends that can jump off his mount? Champions like Sejuani and Nunu are mounted champions, but in the teaser video, Kled and the mount are seen fighting separately. Also, Riot left a teaser in game. When a player first walks to lane, one of the bushes near them would rustle and a strange sound would be heard. Riot is known for adding strange in-game teasers lately, like they did for Bard, Kindred, and Tahm. A few posters were also released, one of which says that Kled has a “magical mount that can run tirelessly and only straight.” Perhaps Kled’s ultimate is similar to Nidalee’s. On ult press, he can dismount and the mount can run off like a Sion ult, leaving Kled with new abilities while going solo.

His main role is not yet determined, but seeing as how he is melee, I would assume top or jungle. His kit hasn’t been released yet either, so we’re not quite sure what this little fella is going to be able to do. Originally looking at him, he looked like an odd mix between Rengar and Gnar. His eyes were different colors and he had the long, white fur, however, he was also Yordle sized. I originally thought he could have been a very young beast related to Rengar, but his voice at the end sounds incredibly old (and southern) as he says “You’re trespassing.”If he is indeed a Yordle, this will be the first one released from Noxus. Veigar spent time in Noxus, but was originally from Bandle City. Either way, this champion looks extremely interesting and more information should be coming out soon when he is released onto the PBE. Make sure to stay tuned for updates as Riot releases more information!

Sheldon Perry (AS Unreal)

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