Quest Hunter Greenlit by Steam

Fresh off the bat from been greenlit by the Steam community is Quest Hunter a light-hearted RPG about treasure hunting and the skillful use of shovels during the night-time. Yes, shovels at night. You heard me. Quest Hunter by 2 Zombie Games certainly doesn’t take itself too seriously, but that looks to be part of the charm of their game and fits in perfectly with the playful, bold cartoon style of the game.

What is Quest Hunter. Well in the shortest possible way and taken directly from the Quest Hunter site…

“Welcome to the Dark World. A world that lives by its own laws and rules. A world where fire is the main treasure, and a shovel is a loyal friend and assistant.”

It’s not clear whether you can only use a shovel or if you find your way to swinging a sword at any point, but it’s interesting none-the-less.

Quest Hunter Screenshot 1

The full details are a little scarce, but what we do know is that it has all the tried and tested things any decent RPG should have, a mystery to solve in a dark monster ridden world, a variety of gear to equip, teams of willing helpers and friends, and lovely piles of treasure which in this case contain the oases of the wasteland. The most intriguing part is how you are only safe when in torchlight, and this in itself can be used as a shield.

Quest Hunter Features

  • Story-driven RPG
  • Adventure in fantasy world
  • Lots of weapons and equipment
  • Real-time combat system
  • Use the light as a shield
  • Powerful bosses and monsters
  • Comic characters
  • A variety of quests and puzzles
  • Crafting
  • Treasure hunt, humor and fighting!

So, if you are interested in Quest Hunter and want to show your support, head over to their website or their Steam Greenlight page. Stay tuned for more Quest Hunter news, right here at TheZombiechimp

Quest Hunter Screenshot 2

Jim Franklin

Jim Franklin

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