Dark Souls 3 Playthrough – Part 1

How’s it going everybody?


Do you like games that make people rage, scream, rip their hair out, and cry?

Me too! That’s why I went out and bought Dark Souls 3 for my PS4. Now, to save you all the frustration that goes along with a Dark Souls game, I’ve decided that I’m going to record all of my gameplay, and commentate it, from start to finish. Every cutscene will be captured. Every boss will be taken down. Every angry, profanity filled death will be on camera. Keep in mind, for this video at least, I’m only in the starting zone. I take down both Iudex Gundyr and the Crystal Monster, and it’s not too bad. I don’t expect the game to go as smoothly as this video did, and since I already have the next video recorded (Which will be posted in an hour or so), I can easily say that this game gets quite a bit harder for me.

In this video, I’m basically just explaining my plan for the series. I’m going to be doing a Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule on my own. Other videos will be posted up periodically on the YouTube page by Jim as he works on his Fallout series and his “First 10 Minute” series. I was also considering doing Random Video Saturdays, where I’ll basically just play any game that’s interesting to me and post up a long video with my gameplay and commentary. If I see that people like what I’m doing with this Dark Souls 3  series, I’ll definitely post a lot more videos and play the games that you guys want to see!

The whole purpose of this article is just to let all of you know what my upcoming plans are regarding the website’s YouTube channel. Below, there will be links to my video, my twitter, the site’s twitter, and the site’s YouTube channel, so you can see all the Dark Souls 3 videos so far, along with Jim’s work! Have a good one everybody and be sure to drop some likes, comments, and subs! Looking forward to hearing feedback from all of you!


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