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The community greenlight section on Steam is a great place for up and coming developers to put their creations out on the line for viewers to vote on. I recently reached out and contacted Deceptive Games, the creator of The Secret Monster Society. The game is an animated 2D point-and-click adventure that’s set to launch as soon as possible. There is no release date set in stone, but they do have a very short demo that’s available for anybody interested in getting a quick taste of what the game has to offer. The game itself revolves around Blithe Dalrich, a dream monster from the underworld, and his quest to save both our world and his own. I don’t want to spoil anything specific about what happens in the demo, but the story of Blithe begins “with a bang.” You can feel free to check out the demo on your own if you wish, as I will leave a link at the end of this article!

Now, let’s dive a little into The Secret Monster Society and what I’ve noticed through my short demo experience. The first thing that caught my eye was the drawing and animation of this little world. Granted, the demo is only a screenshot of the full game, but I would expect consistency in this department. If you enjoy those fun Saturday morning cartoons, this game will be very visually appealing to you. That cartoon feel is greatly complimented by the voice acting included in the game. My eyes and ears like the game right from the start, and I think that’s where the majority of the appeal is going to shine through.

Secret Monster

The gameplay itself is fairly similar to a “your stuck in this room and must use your resources to escape” iPhone application. There’s definitely an adventure side to the game as it follows the main storyline, but it consists of several puzzles the make you question things. If you want to get through this game, or play it to its full potential, you have to be curious. You need to examine objects all over the screen, absorb the information, and use your best judgments to get through the game. The situations you find yourself in will definitely not be every day occurrences, unless you travel through time, eat dirt, and leave your house through your toilet… Oops, have I said too much?


All in all, I think this game will be quite entertaining once, and if, it gets approved by the community. Puzzle fans, adventure fans, art fans, and fans of fun little games should really check this out and give it an honest shot. As I’ve mentioned, the demo isn’t long, but I found the game quite charming and fun! Deceptive Games also said that the game will be updated monthly after release to ensure that the game runs efficiently. Feel free to leave comments down below on what you think about The Secret Monster Society, if you’ve played it, and be sure to view The Secret Monster Society greenlight page on Steam for more information!

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