Old arcade games are probably not a part of many gamers gaming history, as they have all but died out now except for the odd one scattered here and there. There’s a post here all about that, which is why I’m not going to cover it again.

This post is different, and will give you a list of the top ten arcade games that I remember playing, and what the basic premise of the game was. This post is courtesy of Dailypost.

Old Arcade Games list

  1. Altered Beast – Beat people up, turn into legendary monster beat people up even more
  2. Double Dragon – choose one of two brothers and yep, beat people up
  3. Shinobi – Play a ninja, beat people up or throw stars at attackers in the bonus stage
  4. Bombjack – Play a little caped hero desperate to defuse bombs placed around various 2d landscapes.
  5. Golden Axe – Play either the barbarian, dwarf or valkyre and yep, kill more people…
  6. The Simpsons Arcade Game – Choose one of the main four Simpsons, and use your skipping rope, bowling ball, vacuum cleaner or skateboard to erm… yep, hurt more people so you can rescue Maggie.
  7. Street Fighter II – Very famous arcade beat-em up, choose from 12 fighters such as Ryu, Blanka or Dhalsim to become the ultimate fighter
  8. Street Fighter – the original arcade game, you had to thump one of two pads which dictated the strength of the attack
  9. Mortal Kombat – The beat-em up that broke all the molds on gore. Rip your opponents spine out, freeze them then smash them, tear their head of. Fatalities changed the beat-em up scene.
  10. Lucky n Wild – One of the most imaginative games I’ve ever seen. One player drove the car with the steering wheel, the second player used the gun peripheral to shot down enemies brilliant co-op game that would love to see more of.

There you go, some of those old arcade games really are old, like twenty to thirty years old now, and the graphics probably haven’t passed the test of time. Which arcade or coin-op games do you remember?


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