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I cross paths with plenty of iOS mobile games on a day-to-day basis, but it’s fairly rare that one gives me the ‘Oh, this is actually rather good’ feeling, but Monument Valley by developers UsTwo does just this. Monument Valley is a perspective distorting puzzle game, where you must get the protagonist, a white suited chap with a pointy hat to the portal at the end of the level where he will take a variety of geometric shapes out of his hat, and thus allowing him to proceed.

OK, I grant you it doesn’t actually make much sense when I put it like that, but to be honest I paid zero attention to the storyline. Basically, because it wasn’t the storyline that kept me glued to this game, it was the very original concept. I also suspect that it was this concept that got Monument Valley voted as Apple Game of the Year, and Winner of Apple Design Award for 2014.

Monument Valley Screenshot 1

So, What is Monument Valley?

I’ll do my best to describe the game-play, but the trailer above has probably given you a good idea already. Each level can be traversed by manual manipulation of the level itself. Various gears, buttons and slide boxes move the level in a number of ways such as raising platforms, opening doors. There are even levels that play with your perspective; a broken walkway when the screen is rotated becomes walkable. It’s a similar concept to the invisible box optical illusion, if that helps.

If there is anything bad to say about this game, it is only that it is too short. Monument Valley features only ten levels, and they’re not overly tricky. However, considering how unique and individual those levels are, I’m glad they have a few well created levels than four hundred levels of dross that can be staple part so many of the more cash-cow-like of mobile games.

Monument Valley Screenshot 2

Well avoiding a rant, because quite frankly I can go that way, the game UsTwo have created is really worth a download, especially as it is this week’s Apply game of the week, so you can download it for free.

So, in short, Monument Valley download it from here

Jim Franklin

Jim Franklin

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