What am I Playing At?

video game cat gamer video games playingI’ve not bought any new games for a while, but if you’re still having fun playing the ones you have and you’re not exactly burdened with an abundance of time there’s no need to buy new ones, right? At least my approaching-middle-age mind thinks so. I must look into that, it doesn’t seem right.

Anyway, the last time I wrote a list like this was way back in February, and there have been a few changes, which I guess you should expect, 7 weeks is a long time.

So what exactly are my most played games?


5. SimCity Build-It. (Previously Sims 4)

SimCity Build-It is one of those games that never truly leaves me. The city-building mobile import is easily managed just by accessing it for a few minutes, sorting your build queues and growing your buildings when you can. Once you have enough money to make sure you have the police, fire, hospital, water, power and sewage requirements there really isn’t anything to watch out for.

This strength is also its weakness, and this lack of engagement has seen it slip from number 2.

4. Simpsons Tapped Out (Previously Wolf Among Us)

IMG_2472-0.PNGSimpsons Tapped Out is another game that seems to be perpetually on my mobile device (although didn’t make it the list last time), especially now there are more events and updates. Previously, you only really got updates around holidays and special events such as Christmas, Halloween and Valentines Day etc. Now, there always seems to be an event on. A few weeks back there was a comic-book style story-line introducing new characters, costumes, buildings and no sooner had that finished the latest event began in which the Terwilligers create an army of plant clones in Springfield with even more characters, costumes and buildings. The engagement level is still not fantastically high, but I do spend more time on this that SimCity Build-It.

3. Sims 4: Go to Work (Previously World of Warcraft)

Sims 4 has shot up the chart from fifth place to third because of the expansion. Sims 4 Go To Work, adds three professions to the game (Doctor, Scientist and Detective), as well as the option to open your own store, two more skills (Photography and Baking) plus a load of new items and updates you would expect from a Sims add-on.

The professions are fun. You follow your sims to their place of work, and control them as they attempt to save lives, invent new machines or investigate and capture criminals.  My current household, a detective with a young child who was the product of a chance encounter with an alien is fun to play and I’m already gearing the child up to be a doctor when he grows up. Will I be playing this family long enough for me to see it happen or will I be doomed to play first generation families forever until I get bored? Who knows?


2. Hearthstone (Previously SimCity Build It)

A week or so ago, Hearthstone, the World of Warcraft based card game was made available to play on the iPhone and Android devices. This means that I can now play it while on the way to work. Not for very long unfortunately, as my old and knackered iPhone 4S battery drains pretty damn quickly but I can still get a couple of games in before that happens.


1. Elder Scrolls Online (Previously Dragon Age Inquisition)

Honestly, Dragon Age origins has dropped right of the radar. I just can’t be bothered to play it. It took so long to get through the first play-through, that the prospect of doing it all again seems like too much effort. I hope I will play it again, as I want to see things from the Templar side, having sided with the mages in my first play through.

So, straight in at number one is Elder Scrolls Online. It’s free and still relatively new, and I think it is this newness that is pulling me along. WoW got old very fast, and I got bored of logging in just to see if there were any daily’s I could be bothered to do, or continue playing on my 13th alt which is rewardless.

ESO is filling that MMO void, and with my Khajit dual-wielding knight-blade a little over level twenty, the game is starting to open up a little more for me.

ESO Wave Goodbye Leaving

Jim Franklin

Jim Franklin

Jim Franklin is a freelance writer, living in Derby UK with his wife and his player 3. When time allows he likes nothing more than losing himself in a multi-hour gaming session. He likes most games and will play anything but prefers MMO's, and sandbox RPG's.

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