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Jungle Rumble Logo Are you a fan of rhythm games? I’m very much on the musical fence. Like every other video game genre there are those that are done well, like the guitar hero franchise and those that we’re not done so well, such as Rock Revolution. Although not one of them has any monkeys in it. Monkeys can make any situation better, except pithikosophobia, delicate surgical operations, complex mathematics or construction, food preparation… ok, they probably don’t make many things better per se, but they do make things more fun.

Or at least that’s what Disco Pixel are thinking with the nearly released Jungle Rumble, and far be it from me to disagree. Well, at least until I’ve had chance to have a go.

Jungle Rumble apparently merges together rhythm and real-time strategy elements. Players are sent off into a weird and colourful jungle to help lead them against some naughty rival monkeys who are up to… well, the type of business that naughty monkeys get up to.

 According to the press release below, it’s not just a standard rhythm game. Monkeys notwithstanding, Jungle Rumble adds an element of strategy, so you won’t just be doing what you’re told. Oh, and another good thing, there are no micro transactions within the game either.

Jungle Rumble will be arriving on iOS and Android in late April, but if you can’t wait that long you could always pop over to PAX East expo, play the game and can get that monkey off their back before its release.

For more information on Jungle Rumble visit: http://junglerumblegame.com/

Monkey Business Comes to Mobile Devices; Jungle Rumble Arrives in April

Final Build of Rhythm Game to Be Previewed at PAX East 2014

Fans of rhythm titles and mobile gamers can have more fun than a barrel of monkeys this April when Jungle Rumble makes its way to the App Store and Google Play.

PAX East 2014 attendees will be able to monkey around with developer Disco Pixel’s final build of the game before its release.

Jungle Rumble, a mash up of rhythm and RTS, is not a “monkey see, monkey do” game.  Players employ what game designer Trevor Stricker calls a “rhythmic grammar.”  They drum on the screen of their mobile device to communicate with a tribe of monkeys.  Gamers must also strategize their next moves while keeping up with the beat.

Things get chaotic when a rival tribe starts stealing their bananas. The monkeys fight back!  Players confront the invaders and, eventually, learn the true root of evil in the clan’s tropical paradise.

The game puts players in a colorful, quirky jungle and challenges them to use their wits.

 “I love rhythm games, but eventually you see the man behind the curtain — you are following a script,” Stricker said.  “Does playing with rhythm have to be pressing when told? Our game has players making meaningful decisions, split second choices and implementing strategies.”

Jungle Rumble will be available for iOS and Android devices.  Disco Pixel decided not to monkey around with micro transactions.

For more information on Jungle Rumble visit: http://junglerumblegame.com/

 About Disco Pixel

Disco Pixel is a Boston-based indie studio committed to advancing the rhythm genre to a freakier place. The studio was founded by Trevor Stricker, a veteran of AAA titles NBA 2K, Panzer Dragoon and Fantastic Four. He has aspired to be indie since the days of DOS 3.3.

Jungle Rumble Kaguna screenshot mobile app

Jim Franklin

Jim Franklin

Jim Franklin is a freelance writer, living in Derby UK with his wife and his player 3. When time allows he likes nothing more than losing himself in a multi-hour gaming session. He likes most games and will play anything but prefers MMO's, and sandbox RPG's.

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