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Galaxy Run Title logo screenYou may remember that a few weeks ago I wrote this Galaxy Run review post, a mobile runner game for the iOS. Sorry all you Android owners, its only iOS at the moment. Anyway, the point being, the developers behind Galaxy Run are adding an interstellar amount of new levels every day.

Ok, when I say interstellar I mean 9 which could be interstellar I suppose. Spiel Studios have released an update that is to add an extra three levels every day to the three galaxy worlds, Perseus, Drak-Nok and Aquarian. I’m not sure how long this will happen for, we could be looking at an extra 900 levels after a year so I’m hoping they stop before then.

The press release below also says that a level editor that should be released later this year for those with an inherent creative streak.

If you want to download Galaxy Run, because the thought of a little more something for nothing has tipped you over the edge then you can download it from here: Galaxy Run iOS

Galaxy Run Adds a Marathon of Fun

Update Adds Nine Free New Levels Daily

Like an interstellar marathon runner, Spiel Studios does not want the Galaxy Run to stop, so the developer has delivered a free update that adds nine new levels daily to the iOS single-screen auto-runner.

Each of the three Galaxy Run worlds –, Perseus (Deep Space), Drak-Nok (Desert Planet) and Aquarian (Blue World) — will receive three new levels every day.  Players access them via the bonus section that unlocks when the player completes that particular world, which adds hours of play onto the already available 360 levels.

“The response to Galaxy Run has been overwhelming; the title has received great feedback from the players and has a passionate fan base across all age groups” Mohit Sureka, CEO, Spiel Studios, said.  “Our community expressed a desire for more content, so we decided to go above and beyond their expectations and deliver more content daily. The players will be able to download new levels directly from our servers, everyday!”

Spiel Studios is also developing a level editor through which players can create and share their own designed levels and build a community. The Level Editor will be released later this year.

Galaxy Run can be downloaded at the App Store.

To learn more about Spiel Studios, please visit


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Jim Franklin

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