Realm of Shadows cover artRealm of Shadows is the latest expansion for Spacetime Games’ popular mobile MMO, Arcane Legends. Realm of Shadows introduces you to the sorcerer’s homeland, Shuyal and reveals its history as well as bringing in a whole load of new items and monsters.

In short, the people of Shuyal were dicking about with powerful magic and they accidentally covered their entire homeland in magical shadow. A magical shadow that just happened to belong to a rather powerful and pissed of monster called Inan’hesh. So what else could the inhabitants do except to hightail it out of Shuyal through a magical portal, leaving a few unlucky ones to defend it.

You can reach this content as soon as you reach the heady steady heights of level 29, if you’re not their yet well get playing.

ealm of Shadows ShuyalYou also get…

  • A new level cap, raised from 31 to 36
  • A new land to explore and save, Shuyal
  • New brawny bosses and fearsome foes to defeat
  • New loot, pets and gear including the Sorcerer’s Arcane Weapon all waiting for you to collect
  • New quests to conquer and the story of the sorcerer’s people to learn


If for some crazy reason you still haven’t downloaded Arcane Legends yet, you can do so by visiting the App Store, Google Play or the Chrome Web Store.


Light Up Arcane Legends in the Realm of Shadows Expansion

Available on Desktop, iOS and Android Devices

Realm of Shadows floating screenshotThe darkest and most challenging expansion yet has come to Arcane Legends from Spacetime GamesRealm of Shadows will increase the character level cap, introduce new opponents to test your strength and add new gear to collect along your adventure.

In this expansion, players learn the backstory of the sorcerer’s people and their homeland, Shuyal.   Centuries ago the people of Shuyal were meddling with dark sorcery and unleashed a terrible evil that quickly covered their world in shadow. That shadow belonged to Inan’hesh, the devourer of worlds.  Many of the Nott, the people of Shuyal, escaped via a portal to Arlor, the world of Arcane Legends, while a brave few stayed behind to seal the gateway shut.

Players will face terrible danger to enter the Realm of Shadows and try to save Shuyal, risking the shadow of Inan’hesh seeping in to Arlor.

Features Include:

  • Increase your characters power; Level cap raised from 31 to 36
  • Explore and save the land of Shuyal
  • Defeat brawny bosses and fearsome foes
  • Collect new loot, pets and gear including the Sorcerer’s Arcane Weapon
  • Conquer new quests and learn the story of the sorcerer’s people

Arcane Legends: Realm of Shadows can be accessed by characters level 29 and up by venturing through the portal found in the Stronghold of Nordr after Thursday, Aug. 29.

Arcane Legends can be downloaded at the App Store, Google Play or the Chrome Web Store.

To learn more about Spacetime Games, please visit




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