Puzzle Knights – Want some blood in your Candy Crush?

Puzzle Knights loading screenI take a small two-week break to take in the sunny sights of the Mediterranean and when I get back my inbox is fit to burst with information about some of the many mobile games to be released or have been released soon. So my apologies if these posts are a little short, but that is the advantage of having a press release. It really does do all the work for you. Well, without any further ado, let me get right on to Puzzle Knights.

Puzzle Knights is a Ménage à trois between match-three games a combat rpg and an online multi-player experience. You get ready for combat by completing the match three puzzles (like that of Candy Crush). The more points you get the more stamina you have to attack your foe with. The second stage of the fight is to plan your fight by creating a battle plan of each combat move. Then once you have successfully ground your opponent into a small pile of red sludge you can use the spoils of the combat to upgrade your gear or indeed yourself, ensuring you are even more ready for your next opponent, assuming that you are not the small pile of red sludge.

As with most games worth their salt, you can play against various online opponents including your Facebook friends. You don’t even have to both be online to fight each other. Honestly not sure if that’s normal or not. It does sound quite impressive though.

Puzzle Knights will arrive on the App Store early next month.

Puzzle Knights Around the World Prepare to Get Medieval on Their Friends

 Tactical Online Multiplayer Fighter with Puzzle and Light RPG Elements Coming Soon to iOS

puzzle knights match three candy crushPuzzle Knights will bring friends together so they can socialize by cutting each other down in duels on the iPad and iPhone in early September. This cross-genre, asynchronous multiplayer title combines match-three puzzle and tactical fighter mechanics with light RPG elements.

In this new title from Mojaro, players will prepare for combat with their friends by solving match-three puzzles in both turn limited as well as timed rounds. The higher their score, the more stamina they earn to power their attack and defensive moves.  Players will then create a battle plan of each combat move for their next duel.

puzzle knights fight combat battle screen rpgPuzzle Knights, developed by a team of industry veterans that have worked on AAA franchises including Uncharted and Medal of Honor, is designed so players can easily challenge their Facebook friends to honorable combat. They can also connect with other players to make new friends (who they can then slaughter). The asynchronous combat makes it possible for friends to duel each other whenever either one is online. The combat history feature then allows them to review who defeated them when they were offline so they can plan revenge and challenge their frenemies to a rematch.

To the victor of matches go the spoils of experience and gold.  As players gain experience their fighters level up, becoming more deadly opponents. Characters can also be equipped with different pieces of armor as well as weapons, each with its own stats and appearances, to provide a deeper level of customization.



Jim Franklin

Jim Franklin

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