Skyrim Adventures : Part 4 This Jobs a Steal

This is part 4 of Skyrim Adventures featuring my khajiit thief, Kally. To find out more click the ‘Skyrim Adventures‘ link in the header bar.

Part 3 The Ratways

Part 4 This Jobs a Steal

Skyrim Adventures Riften shotKally started to think that he could really fit in with the Thieves Guild. At first he had every intention of just using their fence, but already he was feeling a certain kinship with the other members and there was certainly safety in numbers. Maybe he should stick around here a bit, and see just how far they could take him.

As it happens there were lots of opportunities for him to help the guild and himself to some of Skyrim’s riches. The guild was in trouble, struck by bad luck or a terrible curse and they needed to re-establish themselves.

After asking around, Kally discovered that the two people he needed to speak to were a slender white-haired woman called Vex, and a stocky, bald man who went  by the name of Devlin. They were the ones in charge of handing out the jobs. There were two jobs available, a burglary job in the city of Markath, and a job fiddling the books in the Pawned Prawn shop right here in Riften. Well the Riften job was closer so that would be first.

Knowing that his lock-picking skill would be tested, he practiced on a few of the training locks and found that all but the trickiest ones opened easily. He was ready for his first Guild job, and left the guild via the rear entrance, that explained how Brynjolf had beaten him back here before.

Skyrim Adventures riften thieves guild back door

After a brief and unsuccessful attempt at pickpocketing a robed woman praying at the altar, Kally was on his way to the Pawned Prawn shop, or at least he was until he realised he was stood outside the back door to the Black Brier Mansion. His brain was screaming at him not to take such a stupid risk, warning him not to break into the person who holds all the power of the city but he picked the lock and entered anyway. Kally didn’t go too far into the house, but luckily for him there was a golden Statue of Dibella, and a purse of gold near the door that would sell for something. Without wanting to push his luck anymore, he left via the back door continued on his way to the Pawned Prawn.

The shop was still open and Kally wondered if it would be better to wait until the owner had gone to bed, but the shopkeeper just ignored him and continued to go to bed, leaving him in the shop unattended.

‘Is this some a trap?’ Kally wondered. ‘Does she want me to steal everything?’

Skyrim Adventures pawned prawn theftHe crept even more cautiously through the house but no trap was sprung. Kally was able to sneak all the way into the owner’s bedroom where the accounts books were kept, and changed the details as Devlin had instructed. He left the pawned prawn but not before he had helped himself to the contents of the safe, which amounted to forty-two gold pieces and a health potion.

When Kally returned to Devlin, he seemed grateful and a little surprised that his job had been completed so quickly, but he had no problem in handing out the next job. This time the job was a little trickier but it appealed to Kally a lot more, he had to steal 500 gold pieces worth of loot from Riften. This was definitely more like it, and he knew exactly where to go for so much wealth, the  jarl’s mansion, Mistveil Keep.

Mistveil Keep was the largest building in Riften, tall stone walls that housed the jarls living quarters, the barracks and the dungeons all in one magnificent building. Servants busied their way in the main hall, while the guards stood silently on duty. The jarl herself seemed deeply involved in conversation, so much so that she didn’t see Kally creep behind her into the private rooms.

Kally couldn’t believe his luck when the first room he went into housed a display case full of golden necklaces, and a handful of precious jewels just placed next to it. How could the guild be failing when loot is just left around like this? The lock took a few tries to pick, but it eventually opened. Kally helped himself to all the jewels that easily covered the 500 gold Devlin needed.

Skyrim adventures thief riften jarls mistveil mansionRather than leave, Kally then crept upstairs to see if there was anything else of interest. Despite the loot downstairs upstairs was a little less opulent. Although he cheekily broke into another display case while the room occupant slept, luckily he didn’t wake up. A man who sleeps with his broadsword is not to be trifled with.

Devlin couldn’t believe what he was seeing as Kally dropped the jewels into his hands, and Kally couldn’t believe it when he said that he could keep everything he had stolen. It all went to the Tonilia the fence, but the transactions had more than doubled his gold stash.

‘The next job’s in Solitude’ said Devlin. ‘Fixing some more numbers. You ever been there?’

Kally’s eyes squinted as he remembered what had happened in Solitude ‘Yeah, I’ve been there.’

‘Well off you go then’ said Devlin dismissively before returning to his flagon of mead.

‘Oh yes, I would love to go back there. I have a score to settle.’ Said Kally but Devlin had stopped listening.

He left Riften, and walked towards the carriage about to ask for a lift back to Solitude, when he saw a few khajiit camping outside the city. He approached them, and for the most part they ignored him, but one grey furred khajiit walked up to him, looking upset and agitated.

Skyrim Adventures khajiit kharjo

Kally shared a bottle with the trader, and they talked. Well the trader talked and Kally listened, he had learnt not to give too much away. The traders had been attacked by bandits. The traders had fought them off but a priceless amulet had been stolen from them.

‘A priceless amulet you say?’ Kally suddenly becoming very interested.

‘Yes, a Moon Amulet. Will you… will you get it back for me. I can pay you for your trouble.’

It was a priceless amulet, and he was in no place to give up the posibility of wealth so he agreed.

So what was Kally to do? Follow the wealth of the amulet, or take his revenge in Solitude? He sat down and thought about it over another bottle of wine.

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