Skyrim Adventures : Part 2 Back to Square One

This is the second part of Skyrim Adventures. To find out more click here or on the Skyrim Adventures link in the header menu.

Part 1 Waking up in Solitude

Part 2 Back to Square One

‘Raident Raiment’ Kally read from the shop sign swinging above the door ‘Fine clothing is normally expensive clothing’ It was dark outside so getting inside the shop would be quite easy, he broke a lock pick on the front door but he was soon inside.

‘Hello? The shop’s closed. Come back tomorrow’ said a stern looking blonde high elf in fine clothes and gold jewellery. ‘I could have sworn I locked that door.’

Kally smiled meekly, and apologised before leaving the shop, that was too close. He would have to go back there a little later, maybe a drink or two would help to pass the time. He looked around and saw a tavern across the way, The Winking Skeever. Perfect.

Skyrim Adventures Kally drinking in the Winking SkeeverThe Tavern patrons had been there for hours, the wine and ale had flowed well tonight. A bard sang a song about Ragnar the Red while the rest of the tavern conducted their hushed conversations and drinking songs in alcohol induced ignorance of everyone else.

‘What can I get you?’ asked the white bearded bartender.

‘Can I drink these in here’ asked Kally as he took out two bottles of wine, he had found in the guards’ barracks from his backpack.

‘Sure, why not’

Kally drank both bottles of wine and felt the impact almost immediately, his sight blurred a little and his legs just didn’t want to do what his brain was telling them to. Had he always been such a lightweight?

‘Can you fill theesh bottles up with fresh water, mate?’ Kally handed the bartender the two empty bottles, putting the full bottles back in his backpack.

Being a little drunk, Kally knew that stripping the tavern would be risky. Guards are one thing but a tavern full of drunken patrons well that’s something altogether different. That said he wasn’t going to leave things that were simply begging to be procured, namely a couple of health potions, and a couple of very sparkly jewels. The jewels were only locked away in a small chest, so Kally figured it was their fault for not securing them.

Leaving The Winking Skeever, Kally was still a little drunk but steady enough to pick the lock of the door to Raident Raiment again. This time, the owners had both gone to bed. Perfect, all these fine goods open to the taking.

Kally sneaked his way through the house picking up armfuls of fine clothes, bejeweled circlets, and pelts. If he didn’t have to keep so quiet he would have sung. All these luxury items were going to make him a fortune, even taking into account the fences ridiculously steep cut. He crept upstairs, and saw the two owners asleep on a bed, he broke into the other rooms upstairs and stole yet more fine clothes and jewellery.

As Kelly was leaving he saw a few sprigs of lavender placed in a silver bowl near the door. In a flash he realised that alchemy could make him even more money, so he reached out and grabbed the lavender.

‘Stop Thief!’ screamed a voice from behind him. Kally turned round and saw one of the owners of the Radient Raiment. ‘Guards! Guards!’

Kally tried to make a run for the door, but it was too late, the guard must have been just outside when he heard the scream and he was now blocking the exit. He lunged forward and grabbed Kally’s wrist, and before he knew it he was being frogmarched to the cells, but not before all of his stolen goods had been confiscated. Everything had been taken from him, they had stolen from him. The irony was not lost on him, but he couldn’t say he appreciated the humour. When they finally let him go a few hours later, he had nothing except the clothes and weapons he had woken up with.

Skyrim Adventures kally bad luck caiught cell.Kally was pissed, there was not a single thing he liked about his current situation, but it was still dark. People wouldn’t be waking up for another three or four hours so he still had time to recoup his loses.

The fletcher was unlikely to have any armour lying around but he would at least have some decent weapons. The lock on his front door was surprisingly easy as well. Within a few minutes, Kally had gone through the entire place. He had loaded up with bows and arrows of all kinds, as well as potions and the odd plate and goblet, left lying around. He wouldn’t normally take such mundane items as that but this wasn’t normal circumstances.

Our adventurer now left Solitude. It hadn’t quite worked out to be treasure trove it was meant to. He hadn’t even had chance to look through all the stuff he had stolen from the Fletchers store. There would be time for that. Right now, he needed to get to Riften. There was something there for him, he wasn’t sure how he knew just that he had to get Riften.

After speaking to the Carriage driver outside Solitude and handing over the 20 gold pieces he was finally on his way there. Life had to get better for him there.

Skyrim Adventures Riften Streets

Skyrim Adventures Part 3 The Ratways

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