Heavy Gear Assault Kickstarter Begins

Heavy Gear Assault logo mechHeavy Gear Assault has been mentioned on this site a couple of times. A Free-to-play Mech fighting game that’s been in development for a few months. Well Stompy Bot, the developers,  have now launched a Kickstarter campaign with the view of raising $800,000 to help further it’s cause.

They first opted to raise cash on www.heavygear.com, raising nearly $120,000 Heavy Gear Assault website, their own servers buckled under the pressure of the success of the campaign. So with that in mind they have now started a Kickstarter campaign to raise the funds.

One of the most popular features of the game are the destructible environments, and quite honestly who doesn’t like to see the walls breaking, bridges falling and buildings succumbing to your firepower. It’s all about the realism, well I guess mindless violence plays a part somewhere. have a look at this teaser trailer of a very destructible bridge.


If you want to give to the Heavy Gear Assault Kickstarter campaign, follow the link here to their Kickstarter page. You can find more info on Heavy Gear Solid on these earlier posts (Heavy Gear Assault Brings Mech PvP and Heavy Gear Assault), and on the press release below.

Heavy Gear Assault  Kickstarter Campaign Launched by Stompy Bot

Company’s Private Crowdfunding Efforts Already Raised $118,000

Stompy Bot Productions is running a Kickstarter campaign to raise an additional $800,000 for Heavy Gear Assault, the upcoming PC mecha game developed on Unreal Engine 4.  The company has already successfully raised more than $100,000 on their own site, at one point temporarily crashing the servers due to the overwhelming response.

Stompy Bot decided to initially crowdfund through their private website so they could receive community feedback on the reward tiers and stretch goals as well as determine what game features to implement before opening up their wider efforts on Kickstarter.

“When we announced Heavy Gear Assault, we really had no idea what aspects would generate the most interest. Having a private crowdfunding campaign before launching a Kickstarter allowed us to really get the feedback we needed to make sure we succeed,” said James Taylor, President of Stompy Bot Productions.”

One of the most popular game features with fans has been next-generation destructible environments.  The developer, Mektek Studios, is focused on creating an amalgamation of destructibility and interactivity in the game.  This feature will create new strategies for the genre fundamentally changing how players react to both Gears (player piloted giant robots) and game environment.

Players can blow off parts of other Gears and pry weapons from their dismembered enemy’s hands. If Gears hide behind a wall, their opponents can blast that wall to pieces. Sheet metal won’t stop gun fire—but it will stay ruptured with bullet holes. Explosions from bombs and missiles create craters in the arena floor.

Heavy Gear Assault will set a new standard for destructible environments, using the cutting-edge Unreal Engine 4,” says Vince McMullin, President of MekTek Studios. “As jaw-dropping as this trailer is, you‘re only seeing the tip of what’s possible. MekTek knows mecha fans—and mecha fans want destruction. With Heavy Gear Assault, they’ll get it in bullet-ridden spades.”


Jim Franklin

Jim Franklin

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