Star Legends Aftermath Update Released

This blog is often a constant source of information from Spacetime Studios regarding Arcane Legends, but let’s not forget that there are three other games in the Legends series, Pocket Legends, Dark Legends and Star Legends and every game is still being updated with new content and new stuff to do.

This time it is Star Legends their mobile sci-fi MMO that’s receiving an update; Aftermath is the latest update to put player’s characters in life-threatening danger. In the latest update Planet STS.25, The Scorn unleash a devastating bio-weapon on planet STS.25. Players must help to defeat the genetically-modified Vular, a ravenous swarm of man-eating super insects, so that humans can return and begin to re-build their lives.

If you’ve forgotten what Star Legends looks like there’s the trailer for you below.


  • New Level Cap: 50 (51 for the elite)
  • New Achievements and Titles
  • New Powerful RETRO Colonial Weapons and Armor for Levels 44+

Star Legends CommandoStar legends Engineer Star Legends screen operative Star Legends Vular


Star Legends is available to download for free on the App Store, Google Play and the Chrome Web Store.



Jim Franklin

Jim Franklin

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