Arcane Legends New Icy Expansion

Arcane Legends Bottle of NordrThe next, in what is quickly becoming a very long line of expansions to the increasingly popular mobile MMO Arcane Legends is soon to be released. Spacetime Studios have given us so much extra content in previous expansions, from dragon filled volcano’s to villainous pirate seas, so what is in the next expansion? Where is it going to take us?

This time we are being taken to the frozen wastelands of Nordr, a land filled with warriors and frost giants. Defeat new foes and discover the story behind the frost giants return, along the way picking up new gear and finding new pets and five more levels to play with.

With the stream of constant updates, it’s no wonder that Arcane Legends has had more than 6 million downloads so far.

If you want to find out more, you can read the press release below or shoot over to the Arcane Legends Website here.

Arcane Legends Adds an Ice Cold Expansion

Battle of Nordr Available on Desktop, iOS and Android Devices

Arcane Legends Nordr Frost GiantWinter is coming in the latest expansion to the fantasy co-op RPG Arcane Legends from Spacetime Studios. Players will experience additional content, a level cap increase and action-packed frozen fun as the story of the warrior’s icy homeland unfolds.

In the Battle of Nordr update, warrior clans have been driven from their homes by a mysterious foe. Rumors spread throughout the mainland of Arlor that Frost Giants have returned to conquer the city. In order to save Nordr heroes must travel through the frozen woodlands, climbing treacherous terrain to defeat the frigid monsters.

“Arcane Legends is a phenomenon, with more than six million downloads in six months and an awesome community hungry for new content,” said Gary Gattis, CEO, Spacetime Studios. “Battle of Nordr will take players into frigid tundra, give them more of what they have come to love and introduce new and exciting twists.”

Features Include:

  • Nordr adventure areas
  • Level cap raised 5 levels to 31
  • New items and pets to collect, including an Arcane warrior weapon
  • New monsters to fight
  • Mythic rarity chest armor for all classes

Arcane Legends can be downloaded at the App Store, Google Play or the Chrome Web Store.

Arcane Legends Battle of Nordr Combat

Jim Franklin

Jim Franklin

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