Arcane Legends gets a PvP Update

Arcane Legends Capture the flag pvpThe New Year has been well and truly ushered in and Spacetime Studios have started 2013 by introducing player vs. player (PvP) combat to their 4 million player strong, mobile MMO Arcane Legends. The first PvP mode to be introduced is a 4 x 4 Capture the Flag match.

For those who have either been living under a gaming rock, or like me, you find the concept of PvP terrifying you may not be familiar with Capture the Flag. In Capture the Flag matches you have to capture the flag from the enemy team. Oh and you have to defend your flag from the enemy team as well, of course. Simple stuff.

I know what you’re thinking, surely compared to all the other updates Spacetime Studios have released this is a little lacking. Naturally they’re not just giving you a PvP mode and nothing else, they’re packing the update with even more achievements, a whole load of new titles and a spanking new PvP leaderboard to climb.

They’re already working on more player vs. player stuff, more PvP modes, more maps, other play types and whole armoury’s full of gear, but they’re making you wait a teeny tiny bit for all that.

If Player vs Player isn’t really your thing than fear not, because I’ve heard rumours (and read it on their official site) that the next Arcane Legends update to be released around February is packed full of pirates and adventures on the high seas and five more levels added to the level cap.

If you want to find out more about all this new PvP Arcane Legends malarkey then you can get to the official site by clicking here, but considering it’s free why are you reading when you could be playing? Have fun!

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Jim Franklin

Jim Franklin

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