Arcane Legends Holiday Update Winter Wonderland Released

Arcane Legends Christmas Update Xmas Goblin Santa FestiveSpacetime Studios are throwing a load of completely free Christmas stuff in their latest Christmas themed patch for Arcane Legends called Winter Wonderland, and like the Halloween add-on a few months ago they have not skimped on the content. There’s an increased level cap (up to 21 now), new quests and items, more pets, you even get some new skills for your existing warrior, rogue or mage thrown in as well.

Arcane Legends Holiday Content

Spacetime Studios is ready to spread the holiday cheer, with a seasonal expansion for their latest title co-op action RPG, Arcane Legends. Titled Winter Wonderland, this update brings new quests, pets, loots and combat areas sure to fulfill your MMO cravings this Christmas.

The old Jul festival has been celebrated in Arlor for centuries. The holiday honors ancient heroes that defeated invading giants. Citizens of Arlor traditionally dress up to resemble the various giants.

  • Gort, the mighty fire giant and leader of the giants with a body of molten lava and with a breath of steam.
  • Glas, strongest of the ice giants, his death caused the continent of Nordr to be completely covered in snow and ice.
  • Ygdrenklubba, the mighty tree wielded as a weapon by Gort, decorated with the bodies of his fallen foes.
Arcane Legends Giants Gort Glas Ygdrenklubba
The Ygdrenklubba, Gort and Glas Giants

During the Jul festival a goblin in holiday apparel who will sometimes pop out of chests.  If players manage to kill it they have a chance of receiving a piece of The Winter Wonderland gear.

Other Features:

Level cap increased to level 21!

Adventure in the Dead City:

  • Fight Lord Mardrom and his demonic horde in 5 new dungeons
  • Elite Dungeons level minimum increased to level 20
  • New loot chest available for post level 16 content
  • New Achievements available
  • All new Quests


  • New Rogue skill available – Shadow Storm Shot
  • New Passive Skills
  • Intelligence and Dexterity now grant 3 points of health for every point spent in these stats.
  • Added damage stat back to character stat information.
    • This stat displays how much damage a character will do per attack.
    • DPS stat shows how much damage a character will average every second.
  • Damage reduction has been rebalanced for players and pets.
    • Mob damage output has been adjusted to reflect these damage reduction changes.
  • Added new weapon types for all 3 classes.
    • Warrior – Sword and Shield
    • Rogue – Bow
    • Sorcerer – Rifle


    • 3 new pets are available for discovery.
      • Wrathjaw and Snaggletooth – a pair of demon dogs.
      • Snowball – a holiday snowman only available during the holiday season.

If you want to download Arcane Legends and give it a try, and there’s no better time visit the official Arcane Legends site

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Jim Franklin

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