Skyrim: Even More Questions Answered

Skyrim has captured my attention once more and so too has the large amount of Skyrim queries bringing all you lovely people to my little old blog.

Well I hate to see people leaving unfulfilled, so I have answered another of the ten most popular queries that wave wiggled their way to me.

If you’re interested in the other Skyrim help posts you can find them here and here, otherwise keep reading.

How do I create a Healing Potion?

healing potion console command star constellation skyrim elder scrollProbably one of the most needed potions in the game is the Healing Potion. To make one, simply head to an Alchemy station with two or more of the following and ‘Hey Presto!’ a Healing Potion will be yours.

  • Blisterwort
  • Blue Dartwing
  • Blue Mountain Flower
  • Butterfly Wing
  • Charred Skeever Hide
  • Daedra Heart
  • Eye of Sabre Cat
  • Imp Stool
  • Rock Warbler Egg
  • Swamp Fungal Pod
  • Wheat

Which Race is the Best?

Well that’s a very broad question. In the most simple way, certain races are more adept at following certain paths. Orcs favour combat, High Elves have an advantage when casting magic, and Khajiit, being one of the more agile races have an advantage for the rogue/stealth path. Though these initial differences are easily overcome, by putting enough time into any of the skills you can make your character do whatever you want.

So the bottom line is, be whoever the hell you want to be?

What’s the Console code for then Fortify Blacksmith potions?

Potions that increase your blacksmithing skill are not readily available in Skyrim, so you could be forgiven for wanting to find a more readily available supply. PC users, simply push the tilde key to access the console type ‘player.additem [code] [number wanted]’ without any of the brackets.

  • Blacksmith’s Potion = 0003eb2e
  • Blacksmith’s Draught = 00039967
  • Blacksmith’s Elixir = 00039962
  • Blacksmith’s Philter = 0003EB2E

Skyrim Argonian

skyrim elder scrolls v race lizardArgonians are the lizard-like race in Skyrim, they have more of an immunity to disease and can breath underwater. Weirdly enough, as I was going through my search queries there was an overly large amount of people searching for Argnonian nude/naked. Argonians are lizards, and do not have external naughty bits so what were they hoping to see? Some people eh?

The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Gameplay

This is an easy one, so I’m just going to link you to a Skyrim gameplay review I’ve already written, as well as a nice trailer but you come back, you hear…

Battle Mage’s in Skyrim

A Battle Mage as their name suggests is often someone who can wear heavy armour, but still wield weapons and cast powerful magic, which is different from your archetypal mage character who is often seen wearing robes and carrying a staff.

Skyrim makes Battle Mages not only possible but easy to create as, like other character classes you just need to invest in the right skills and perks. Other games also restrict you by the items you can use or enchantments you can cast. In Skyrim you can enchant heavy armour with bonus to destruction magic, or anything else you want.

Is there a class that excels at battle Mage anymore than any of the others? In my mind not really, all classes are different of course and because you are creating a cross genre character it may never truly sit with one character. That’s not to say they won’t level up and kick an extreme amount of ass.

sap alchemy skyrim elder scrolls v

Spriggan Sap

Spriggan Sap is an alchemy ingredient that apart from finding it lying around, can be gathered from Spriggans, a thin tree like race that on occasion guards natural areas even getting animals to attack you.

Spriggan Sap has the following effects…

  • Damage Magicka Regen
  • Fortify Smithing
  • Fortify Alteration
  • Fortify Enchanting

The Top 10 Enemies in Skyrim

I’m not sure what people were looking for when they typed this, the most deadly? The most interesting? The most lucrative? So instead, and after a rather fruitful YouTube search I found this fantastic video by ‘mans1ay3r’ which may not help but it’s pretty darn cool.

Where is Solitude?

Solitude is one of the major cities in Skyrim, north of Whiterun… Quite a way north I suppose, so it’s easier to just hop on board a caravan and pay the 10-20 gold to get there. Solitude is one of the richer of the major cities, and consequently Proudspire Manor is one of the more luxurious player houses but you will need to save  25,000 gold to buy it. So if you’re a thief and fancy picking your way through some very rich houses, head to Solitude.

Solitude is also where the Bard’s College is located.

Skyrim Logo

This one really doesn’t need explaining, so here it is.



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