Sim Brother Experiment Day 14: The Weekend Starts

sim brother experiment Day 14, and it’s the start of the weekend in the Sim Brother house. The adults may not feel the difference but Chase and Obsidian do, they get to do what they want. Lucifer prowls the house and attacks two house-guests. Will anyone stop him? But through all that animosity a friendship grows, but who are the inseparable couple?

sim brother experiment jump shock startleLucifer woke up with nothing to do. He was the first person up, so there was no one to irritate. He was about to go and play some video games when he heard Diane coming out of her room. ‘Perfect’ he thought. He laid in wait for her and as she turned around the corner he jumped out giving her a fright then sauntered off to get some food, leaving Diane shaking. An hour later Barbara and Margaret woke, they smiled at each other as they passed on their way to the kitchen.

Chet was the next to wake up and he wasted no time in calling the repair-woman. No-one else seemed like they were going to do it. With the repair woman on her way, Chet walked to the outside exercise bay and worked out.

sim brother experiment flood water plumbingLucifer was in one of his more selfless moods so cleared some empty dishes away, walking all the way to one of the outside bathrooms. With a loud gurgling noise the tap gave way, and yet another sink broke. Lucifer looked a little sheepish, but figured he didn’t really care and took a shower, letting the water spill on to the floor. Once clean he stepped out, his feet splashing into the cold flooded water. It was a little too much even for him, so he grabbed a mop and cleaned the bathroom.

Eddie woke at 06:00, bright, alert and ready for a whole new day of, well just sitting in front of the TV. At least he was playing video games, which he though counted as a type of exercise. Chase woke surprisingly early for a Saturday and had nothing better to do than admire herself in the mirror.

sim brother experiment fix servicesThe repair-woman arrived with a long list of items to fix, three sinks, one dishwasher and a computer. She walked to the nearest bathroom and started fixing the sink.

sim brother experiment flood water brokenMargaret finished her breakfast and took her plate to the last working sink of the house. The last sink exploded in a shower of water, looks like there’s four sinks for the repair-woman to fix. Margaret started to feel queasy. It must have been her breakfast; it did seem as if it had been left out for a long time.

Lucifer, still spoiling for a good fight tried to lure Barbara into an argument by complaining about Art but she was too concerned about all the bathrooms flooding to care what Lucifer was saying. There was so much water that even Chase took the time out from her preening to help mop. The repair-woman finished fixing one sink then went to sort out the computer.

sim brother experiment sick poorly unwell vomitWith a sink in the house now working Barbara took the time to wash the left over breakfast things. As she left, Margaret burst through the door looking very unwell. Barbara closed the door as Margaret knelt over the toilet. When she emerged from the bathroom a few minutes later, Margaret looked awful but she took out a book to read and calm herself with.

Another sink was fixed by the repair-woman, so that’s only the dishwasher and two sinks left to fix.

Chet stopped working out and walked into the living room to watch TV just as Eddie decided he was hungry. He licked a plate clean that he found and sat back on the couch with Chet to watch TV.

Obsidian woke up at 09:00 making a little more of his lie-in than Chase did. On his way to the creative room, he passed Barbara in the hallway, who had waited for him to get up so she could make the beds.

sim brother experiment slap hitLucifer had still not really annoyed anyone yet and most of the morning was over. There was Margaret; she was always a soft touch. Lucifer stomped over to her and slapped her without any real cause or reason. Margaret was stunned, she rambled on about a book she’d read, but it wasn’t until Lucifer insulted her family, that Margaret was angry enough to argue back properly. Lucifer could sense that she was not the door-mat she had entered the house as, and walked away to play Foosball. Margaret just had to share this incident with her online friends so logged on to the newly fixed computer.

The repair-woman got to the dishwasher, and soon that was whirring as it should. Now there was only the last sink to fix. She walked to the bathroom, looked at the sink and then walked off, leaving the last sink still spurting water over the bathroom floor.

Chase knew how she was going to spend the rest of her Saturday, she was going to change into her bikini and just relax in the hot tub all day. Diane had a similar lazy approach to Saturday’s; she played the Darwin’s Revenge arcade game.

Barbara and Eddie had their own contest over who could mop up the most. After cleaning an entire bathroom together they were unable to decide on a winner. Chet was confident he had won, and Barbara was nice enough to agree with him. Obsidian finished another painting, and relaxed by playing darts.

sim brother experiment punch dust cloudAs Chet mopped another of the still flooded bathrooms, Lucifer entered the room and insulted Chet. Chet wasn’t going to stand for it, and leaped on Lucifer fighting with him. The two rolled around the wet bathroom floor for a few minutes but when the dust settled, this time Lucifer was the victor. Chet humiliated by his defeat, played video games with Eddie. Lucifer still smug with pride told Margaret his mastermind plot. She didn’t really understand, and when her conversation on computers fell flat, they both went their own way.

After scoffing down a plate of waffles, Obsidian looked out of the window and saw Chase in the hot tub. Amazed at how anyone could just waste their weekend like that, he scurried off into the creative room and continued painting.

sim brother experiment dancingDiane and Eddie had grown closer and closer over the last few days. Diane had now asked Eddie to dance with him. He wasn’t the smoothest of dancers but he Eddie found he was really enjoying himself.

Obsidian emerged from the creative room with his homework in his hand, he had all but finished with school yet he still knew he should finish it. He sat himself down in the kitchen and finished it.

sim brother experiment making helpsDiane bowed to Eddie and thanked him for the dance, then walked to the outside bathroom still filling with water to mop. Barbara saw her chance and asked Eddie to help him clean up. He agreed, maybe he was still happy from the dance. He only made one bed, but that was a big effort for a slob such as Eddie. He returned to the couch feeling pleased with himself, and was soon joined by Diane to play video games. Obsidian joined them later once his homework was finished, asking if he could play too. Diane smiled and passed him a controller.

Chase finally got out of the hot tub after six hours. She dried herself off and danced in front of the stereo. She’d had an awesome day.

As the night drew in the house guests started to go to bed. Lucifer, Margaret and Chet went to bed at 22:40; Eddie went next as 23:15 followed by Barbara at 11:44. Obsidian and Diane stayed playing video games, and Chase danced into the morning.


Post Day Analysis

I got Chet to ring the repair-woman. I know. In retrospect if I had known that all the sinks were going to break I would have left it. It would have been interesting to watch all the piles of plates build up and so on. Still, it can’t be helped, hindsight and all that.

We saw our first good friends emerge. Diane and Eddie have presumably watched so much TV together that they’ve bonded. It was nice to see some new actions happening, OK dancing is not the most exciting interaction, but at least it’s new.

I was also a little surprised that Lucifer won the fight against Chet. I guess there is an element of random in it after all.

Not an awesome day admittedly, but I know that tomorrow will be interesting. Tomorrow, Barbara, Chase and Obsidian are all going to grow up in to the next stage of life. Hopefully that will mean some flirty stuff from Chase.


  • Diane – Cooking (Level 3)


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