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Star Wars The Old Republic LogoStar Wars: The Old Republic has been out now for over a month so I’ve had a good chance to get to know the SWTOR Sith Empire classes. Even with the limited time I have to play,you can still level up any class to at least level 10 in just a few hours. I’ve now got to grips with the basics of the classes and have started to unlock their potential.

But which is my favorite Sith class of SWTOR so far?

SWTOR ClassesTop of the pile at the moment is the Sith Warrior. There is just something fundamentally cool about leaping into combat with a lightsaber and force-choking people. I can strut around and generally be a large and psychotic Sith bully. I like the Sith Warrior’s first companion Vette, a Twi’lek slave. Although she is a little too outspoken at first so I have to shock her until she is a little more amenable.

SWTOR ClassesSecond to the Warrior is the other Sith force-using class, the Inquisitor. The Inquisitor can become either a Sorcerer with rather cool looking force-lightning powers, or the Assassin with his not-quite-as-cool-looking-but-still-darn-cool dual-bladed lightsaber. I’ve not played the Assassin, but the Sorcerer is definitely a lot of fun. Your first Companion Khem Val, a servant of Tulak Hord an old, powerful and probably quite grumpy Dark Lord, is an excellent tank, so I could send him in to keep agro, while I vomit lightning on to my enemy’s from afar. I can even top up Khem’s health when I needed to.

Out of the two Force story-lines, I do prefer the Warriors. From the offset you are in control and quite well-respected, for an Initiate anyway. Plus, you get the option to kill a number of people who get in your way. The slave storyline of the Inquisitor is a little too mild for my tastes. If I am to become powerful I wanted to be shocking people with lightning and you just don’t get to use it that much. A couple of times, but goddamnit I want more.

SWTOR ClassesStar Wars The Old Republic SWTOROn now to the Imperial Assassin who is a non-force using stealth / DPS / heal class. I like the way that you dive and roll behind cover, you can get some nice blaster battles that Han Solo himself would be proud of. In the conversations you do get to kill people but doing it with a blaster just doesn’t really cut it for me. It just all seems rather mundane compared to skewering people with a lightsaber or racking their bodies with lightning. On the flip-side, the opening story-line where you pretend to be the Red Blade is well written and there are plenty of choices to have you seducing, lying or blasting your way out of. The first companion, a Rattataki called Kaliyo Djannis is also my favorite looking companion who, despite her rather small frame has no problems at all ranged-tanking for you.


SWTOR ClassesMy least favourite Sith Empire class is the Bounty Hunter, which kinda surprised me. All the components of him are correct, Boba Fett is a cool character and wanting to be just like him makes sense, you get to wear heavy armour no matter what Advanced Class you choose, and you can carry Grenade Launchers, Flame-throwers and other huge goddamn guns. But even all these cool things don’t make the class work for me. I just wanted something more maybe a better use of the jetpack. Of course, I know this won’t happen as the jetpack in theory should work the same as a flying mount, and as no other class has that option neither will the Bounty Hunter. I may just not have played the class for long enough. I wasn’t taken with his companion either, she was all a little too normal looking for my tastes.

So there you go my opinions of the Sith Empire classes, I know I have barely scratched the surface. I would assume that my Republic choices would follow a similar pattern but I haven’t played The Republic side enough to know yet.

Of course, all the above are just my opinions. Please, let me know which classes you favour. Your comments may sway my opinion, and I might then give the other classes more of a go as a result.

Jim Franklin

Jim Franklin

Jim Franklin is a freelance writer, living in Derby UK with his wife and his player 3. When time allows he likes nothing more than losing himself in a multi-hour gaming session. He likes most games and will play anything but prefers MMO's, and sandbox RPG's.

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