Sim Brother Experiment Day 1: It Begins

The first day of the Sim Brother Experiment.


Almost across the board, the first thing the house-guests did was to start gaping and gasping at the objects of the house. From the windows down to the big-screen television, the guests were in awe of the house and just couldn’t get enough.

It didn’t last of course. It wasn’t long before their natural Sim natures kicked in and the house-guests started doing exactly what they wanted.

“…and another thing!”

Obsidian was not pulling any punches when it came to showing Lucifer exactly what he thought of him. Without even a “Hello” or a “How do you do?” Obsidian launched a tirade of insults, casting aspersions on the questionable nature of Lucifer’s heritage. Which although hurt Lucifer, he did not respond, not yet. We can only assume that his evil mind is plotting something evil for when Obsidian isn’t expecting it.

Diane, Eddie and Margaret made a B-line straight for the computers. Diane and Eddie played computer games, whilst Margaret spoke to some people she knew on her instant messenger.

Barbara, who couldn’t miss her daytime television shows, turned the TV on, and Chet went straight outside to the Exercise Bay and started working out. Chase turned on the stereo to her favourite station and danced by herself for hours.

Still hurt, and a little, angry from Obsidian, Lucifer went to chill out and play a little Foosball.  Obsidian expressed all his hostility by sculpting a large clay lion. Barbara, seeing the anger within Obsidian, spoke to him and encouraged him to eat something it would make him feel a little better. Thanking her for her advice, but not actually taking any of it on board. Obsidian went back to the Creative room and started a completely new sculpture.

Eddie blamed Diane and people like her for everything that has gone wrong in his life. He called her something that wasn’t entirely friendly, then walked away satisfied he had put her in her place, at least for now. Diane, though hurt did not retaliate and left him with his own sense of achievement, while she busied herself.

Lucifer couldn’t get Obsidian, and what Obsidian said to him out of his mind. What’s an evil man to do? He could make someone else as miserable as him. Spotting the easy target Margaret, he started an argument with her. Expertly announcing his case with the pure intention of riling up Margaret. It worked, Lucifer got Margaret so irritated that she had to get her mind on something else, Chess. Playing chess on the computer was the only thing that could get her mind straight.

Eddie’s not impressed with Chase’s attitude

Marching straight up to Eddie, Chase immediately started telling him just how brilliant and beautiful she was. Eddie didn’t go for it, it wasn’t that he didn’t agree with her, but that self-obsessed arrogance wasn’t going to endear her to him. Although, rather than insult her or just walk away, he talked to her. Just a quick question about how her day went, but this show of genuine interest towards her made her stop.  Someone actually cared about her. Chase complimented Eddie and soon it wasn’t long before they were friendly chatting about their favourite television shows. Chase, feeling so much better since she finally connected to someone, went outside for a quick dip in the pool. In her absence Eddie moped around the Foosball table, before being joined once more by Chase where they had yet more fun together.

Chet, who had just come inside from his 8 hour workout, took a quick bath. After which, his need for excitement took him, over again, and he started to play with the fire in the living room. Holding his hand in the flames and seeing how long he could hold it there.

Barbara and Lucifer toddled off to do the laundry. Diane offered her help and advice to Lucifer, recommending he separates his lights from his darks.  He once again, used this as a reason to argue with someone. His clothes are dark, so he didn’t need to split them up. Once more Diane’s feelings had been hurt but again, she rises above it.

Margaret Reads after Lucifers verbal assault

The biggest thrills for nearly all the house-guests were the Foosball tables. At one stage five out of the 8 house-guests were playing foosball, and getting along really well. There was no hostility and even Lucifer and Eddie played without hurting anybody elses feelings. The only people who didn’t participate were Margaret who was reading a book in the Creative room, still hurt from Lucifer’s comments; Barbara who was playing video games in the lounge and Diane, who after a brief dip in the swimming pool, started to play a computer game.

With his lust for excitement sated, and his hand a bit raw and tender from the fire, Chet went to the kitchen and made everyone a bowl of his favourite meal… Autumn Salad. He’d made enough for everyone, and each house-guest grabbed a plate and sat down, sparking up conversations with whoever they were sat next to.

With the bellies full, each Sim got increasingly more tired and started to head off to bed, leaving Chet fervently playing his extreme sports video games. An hour later, even Chet was tired and he trundled to bed where he, like the rest of the house-guests, slept soundly.

Post Day Analysis.

As Day 1’s go, it wasn’t a bad start there was nothing monumental of course but at the same time it showed that with the AI, there is a lot to try to keep track of. The Sims’ primary social traits were clear. Eddie and Lucifer were rude to people, Margaret disappeared to be by herself. A few Sims even managed some skill –ups.

Foosball was the biggest crowd puller

The most unexpected event of Day 1 is the rather surprising way that Chase and Eddie seemed to hit it off. The neurotic Cheerleader and an inappropriate Slob don’t sound like the match made in heaven but they were certainly the house-guests that got on best.

Day 2 should prove to be a little more interesting, as more and more Sims will need to worry about the other bars a little more. Day 1 was primarily spent on fun, with the odd exception of needing to go the bathroom, or take a bath. Day 2 should see a much stronger swing to fulfill the other bars. Plus, more chance that something is going to break, will Sims autonomously repair things. I’m willing to think they would, but I don’t know for sure.

I am still curious to know how the ‘Stir Crazy’ moodlet will affect the Sims. As they all start to get that trapped feeling, they will have to autonomously get out of the house, to make it go away. Which on the plus side will mean I won’t have 8 completely bonkers Sims in the house but on the downside, may mean I’ll have to track 8 Sims across the entire town and not just in a big house.

Skill increases

  • Chet – Athletics skill (Now level 2)
  • Obsidian – Sculpting Skill (Now Level 1) – Created a Clay Statue.
  • Margaret – Logic (Now Level 2)

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Chase longs to get out… or wonders whose gonna do the weeding
Jim Franklin

Jim Franklin

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