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Not content with Champions Online and Star Trek Online, Cryptic Studios (along with Atari) are set to release the next in the Neverwinter series. Abandoning the ‘Nights’ and numbers from the title. The newest Dungeons & Dragons addition is called ‘Neverwinter: Vie for Glory’, and has been described as a co-operative, online RPG.

So, there’ll be yet another chance for you to create your perfect adventurer, from the standard races (Cleric, Fighter, Ranger, Rogue, Wizard) and the 3 races, which are hinted at on the site; Human, Dwarf and Elf.

Details are rather scarce at the moment but Cryptic Studios are keen to make it clear that this is not going to be an MMO in the more conventional sense. You will not be part of a world with thousands of players all running around with you. You will be grouping with a small amount of players, either real or computer controlled, to complete quests and explore the various lands and dungeons etc..

I am glad that it reads like it’s not only going to be a multiplayer game. If you’d rather single-player your way through, you can create a party of AI controlled henchmen instead of grouping but I think that, providing the multiplayer is well-thought out, there will be a lot of fun in grouping up with other real people.

With any games that are more rpg focussed than combat based, a lot of fun can be had when an entire group is new to a dungeon or quest. The element of exploration and discovery is experienced by everyone and a group will have fun as each person enjoys discovering  their role and fulfilling their own function. What can happen, and this happened to me in D&D Online: Stormreach, is that more experience players (having done the dungeon or quest before, can seem to rush the less experienced players through. They’ve done it before after all, they don’t need (or want) to explore everywhere, especially the setting off traps or the fighting of monsters unnecessarily. So those players find themselves practically dragged through by the experienced players, not experiencing it as it’s meant to be played.

Not that this guaranteed to happen here, hopefully, there’ll be a random dungeon generator but that’s just a personal wish for me, I haven’t read anything about one.

Cryptic Studios seem to be very proud of their quest creation toolset called ‘The Foundry’. No information has been given on this yet, but from the limited screenshots on the site, it looks like it’s the business (If you spend the time in getting to know the toolset, of course.)

The New Foundry Toolset

It certainly looks like it could be an interesting game, but all this co-op dnd’ing is not going to be free so it’s very likely that there’ll be a subscription free, although the price has not been decided.

If you want to have a look for yourself, you can reach the site from here

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Jim Franklin

Jim Franklin

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