Dragon Age II Choices – Play-through #2 (Geneva) – Part 1

My second play through of Dragon Age II? Well, It’s certainly different than the first. The first time you play through things can be missed and I think sometimes you can be more carried away by the story than knowingly involved in its conclusion. On subsequent plays you are able to start tweaking the events (knowing the outcomes) to tailor to your plan.

After playing to approximately half way through the 2nd chapter my earlier choices are starting to show their effects. Although of course there are far more to come. Consider this more of a prelude to Part 2 that will include all of the conclusions and results of my changes. I figured the post would be absolutely massive, if I left it all to the end.

***There are quite obviously a great many spoilers in these posts so if you want to experience everything yourself without any outside influence, please stop reading (I know I’m certainly avoiding all walkthroughs as there’s so much I want to find out for myself). This is also not the complete story of Dragon Age II, it is a walkthrough of the significant choices I have made and how my companions and their backstorys have evolved.***

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Geneva Hawke
Hawke (Geneva)

This time around Hawke is going to be a hard-nosed violent mage living for carnage and violence. She won’t allow anyone to take advantage of her, and there is no room in her life for molly-coddling. She will kill anyone that stands in her way either for fun or for profit.

Dragon Age: Origins Game details
For the back-story, I chose the darkest of the 3 pre-made choices.“No Compromise”:A ruthless dwarven noble took command of Ferelden’s Grey Wardens, then let nothing stand between him and victory. He exiled Alistair, sent Loghain to his death against the Archdemon, and left Anora as Ferelden’s ruler.All of the other plot-lines relating to this back-story are a mystery as they only give you the above. I’m sure the differences will become quite obvious over time.

Conversational Attitude
As is befitting of a completely violent psycho-bitch queen from hell, Geneva’s conversational style is going to be based around her violent nature and her less than patient attitude. She will have no time for mindless chatting and will only ever consider it if there is something in it for her.

Another thing that has become very obvious in DAII is that Hawke’s conversations will adapt depending on the type of responses you choose. This time around, the chosen violent, forceful and unfriendly responses have given Geneva an over-all nasty and impatient tone to her voice whenever she speaks, which makes it so much easier to continue being nasty to people.

My Party and Companions

I was only about 15 minutes in and there was already a major change to differentiate this playthrough from the first. This time round my sister Bethany was killed by the ogre (presumably because I chose to create a mage. With that, Carver became my companion.

With the benefit of hind-sight and knowing which companions I was going to come across later I am going to include Isobella, and Fenrys as much as I can in this version. This is mainly because I hardly used them in my first run through. I’ll be switching Carver for Anders If I find myself struggling for healing although ‘m playing it on casual again so it’s unlikely.

I totally ignored her the first time, which was quite a story changer as it happened, when she just upped and left with the relic. Well, this time she is the companion with which Hawke is the most intimate ; with the bar right at the top of friendly. Intimate is dieinately the operative word, as Geneva has also had the odd session of bedroom gymnastics with her, but then again she is easy to bed but it’s unlikely it will ever go any further but who knows. The point is that I’m hoping she won’t do a runner when the time comes, but does friendship mean that much to her. She has already betrayed me in the fade for the promise of a large shiny new boat.

He was my real target for romance for Geneva. Of course, I had completely overlooked the fact that a mistreated and abused slave to mages might not necessarily want to jump in bed with one. Any romantic advances have usually ended with a decrease in his favour. He is hovering slightly into friendly at the moment. Saying that, I have tried to encourage him to kill as many mages as he needed to in order to get him on to my side. We’ve even killed the second-in-command mage who held him hostage although that ended in an argument and I will also help him find his sister if he requires.
What a git. It turns out the affection that Bethany had towards Garnet in the first play-through is not shared by Geneva in this one. Carver harbours a sense of resentment towards his sister. He was the only non-mage in a family of mages and hated the way he seemed to not get any attention and was looked down upon. Admittedly, the conversations we shared never made it any better. We argued, I told him to grow up, then we argued more etc. Anyway, when we took the expedition to the Deep Roads he stayed at home with his mother. Upon my return he had joined the Templars, which may prove for some interesting dynamics. In fact I’m hoping I get to stand against him later on in the game and kill him. Needless to say his bar is totally into rival.
The best thing about Varric is that as his favour with you changes, the cut-scenes also have subtle changes to indicate this or at least they certainly appear so to me. Varric is not my biggest fan, in fact he is second only to Carver in regards to his rivalry. Varric doesn’t always work within the law but my constant need to both kill people with very little reason, and taunt him has not gone down too well. Although he has no qualms in taunting me back. Saying that, now that Carvers no longer in the picture; Varric is my new number 3 companion and when it gets to that time, we will kill his brother Bertrand and Varric is not going to keep the piece of relic this time.
She has been pretty much ignored this time round. So there’s not much to say, really. Although, I just can’t bring myself to be unfriendly towards her. Which is daft really! The accent still does a number on me I think.

Now with Aveline, I’m not exactly being unfriendly, I just don’t have time for such a goody-goody this time round. Throughout the first game having her around was very handy as she would get things done via the City Guard. This time round without her, I often have to use my other skills, like stabbing people to get things done. She’s heading into rival territory and she’ll go further that way, I’m sure.

Now with Anders I am rude, He’s not in my party; I don’t need his healing and as I know he is still very likely to blow up the Chantry and this time round I am going to kill him for it, it just doesn’t seem worth the trouble.

Storyline Changes


As Alastair was exiled, he can be found drunk, almost to the point of rambling in the Hanged Man inn in Lowtown. He drunkenly mentions references to Dragon Age: Origins, and the King, which of course he didn’t become with this back-story. After you return from the Deep Roads he can be spoken to again. This time around Bann Teagen will drag him back to Ferelden.

Dougal’s Cash
I suspect that this time round I may have been a bit more liberal with my gold. I actively went shopping for bag-space and companion armour bits. The upshot of all that cash-splashing was that I was under the 50g mark for joining the expedition with no more quests to do. Luckily, there was a very nice dwarf called Dougal who was more than happy to lend me the cash. Of course, I knew that this would have a price, but I figured as long as the price was his life I could deal. Well, it pretty much came true. After the Deep Roads, Dougal arrived at my house saying that he wanted more than I had already paid him. I sent him away telling him ‘No’, and a few travel/load times later he set upon me with a few of his thugs. He’s now dead, which is to be expected, and I don’t expect to hear any more about it.

The Mages hiding in the Cave
A ha, a perfect time to show Fenrys just how anti-mage I was, perfect. After Thrask asked me go into the cave and talk them out of it, I know I wanted the mages to die. I had to raise a few points in Fenrys estimation. The trouble was when I got there I could only kill Decimus. Went through the options and the best I could do was get her to leave the cave with me and go to the circle. It was when I left the cave, that the accident’ happened. I was going through the options and found the ‘crossed swords’. Finally, I am to get my chance to kill Grace.

Actually, no I wasn’t. The ‘crossed swords’ actually started combat with the Templars, Doh! They all ended up dead of course, but Fenrys didn’t like me more. Plus, in Chapter 2 I was set upon by more Templars who knew what I had done. A few more bloody sets of Templar armour hit the floor.
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