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The Zombie Chimp is brought to you by the outrageously talented crew below, each tirelessly working to bring you up-to-date reviews, news and any off gaming-related rambles that happened to stampede through our heads.

Jim Franklin (Editor)

 Jim Franklin Head ShotIt’s me, the thirty-something with the brain of a twelve your old who’s desperately trying to cram as much gaming into his busy life as he can. I’m married, live in the United Kingdom and have four beautiful consoles. Big fan of loads of different types of games, but predominantly play RPG, MMO’s, sims and adventure games.

If you’re hungry for more information, there’s even more about little old me here




songbird logoCatie’s always had a passion for video games and being equally passionate about writing, she wanted to put them both together and become a video game writer. She’ll play just about any type of video game and may have an unhealthy obsession with all things Star Wars.  Her motto is “Never apologise for being a nerd.”




Jesse IconJesse is your typical ninja nerd, the one guy in your office who you think is a retired frat boy but really isn’t. Underneath that corporate America suit is a hardcore competitive gamer, cyber warfare clinician and college professor. He spends his time running around “the Hill” with his fiance and husky when he isn’t blowing up websites and owning Battlefield streams.





 Ryan Shields

Ryan Shields Zombie Chimp Writer ImageA young, thoughtful, amateur ludologist, who enjoys philosophy and what philosophy can teach us about gaming. Whether it’s Aristotle and the latest RPG release or Lyotard and the future of VR, I’m eager to see how and what video games today assist us into living well together.



Brian Cowan

Brian Cowan Bio ImageWith an incandescent love of playing video games, football, magic, and pretty much anything else that he can use as an excuse to waste time. When he is not doing the above or working, he is usually writing or reading.




Adam Whiles

Adam Whiles Bio ImageHis favorite games are no hall of fame classics. Lover of the bizarre and weird, cult classics and anything Japanese are his bread and butter. He’d sooner have another game from Yoko Taro, than Halo or Uncharted. He believes in the immense potential for video games and the stories they can tell.



Kurt John

Kurt John Bio ImageKurt is studying Journalism in the sunny seaside town of Falmouth, situated in Cornwall. In between nosing out the latest news stories – he’s getting lost in story driven indie titles, studying game soundtracks but is still recovering from the ending of Mass Effect.