Flash Fiction: When Two Goddesses Danced

flash fiction gods blackbloom contestAnother fortnight has ticked around which means it’s time for another Worldbuilding flash fiction challenge from Chuck Wendig, called ‘Carving Myths And Gospels In The Surface Of Blackbloom’.

In no more than 1000 words, he wants to “hear some myths and legends and gospels of the gods of Blackbloom.”

P.S.  It seems like it’s been ages since I wrote any fiction. I was amazed at how long it takes sorting out a new site. So many boring tag descriptions. Anyway, Enjoy!

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Flash Fiction: The Golorath

reflection flames burning flash fictionI’ve still got some more time to spare, so I’m  thinking of different monsters and creatures for NaNoWriMo. Not an entire menagerie of course, just a couple of significant ones that are likely to appear. So here is a piece of flash fiction about the Golorath.

I kinda like this guy, let me know what you think.


Of all the natural predators out there, one of the deadliest and the most feared is the Golorath. A Golorath is oftendescribed as a large bear that stands as tall and wide as two horses placed side-by-side.

The Golorath is a powerful creature. Its front legs are more than capable of killing the most battle-hardened warrior with a single blow, whilst it’s hind legs can kick the head clean off a mans shoulders. Yet these are not the strongest weapons in the Golorath’s arsenal. In the centre of its chest is a small hole capable of shooting out a jet of flammable liquid up to ten meters, whilst its cat-like head can ignite this liquid with its fire breath. A Golorath has all the weapons capable of destroying whole villages and towns. Yet they are not without their weaknesses. Continue reading