Flash Fiction : The Brothers Dim

Flash Fiction Giant Robot Stomp TokyoWell, here we are again. Time for another flash fiction challenge entry from Terribleminds.com. The flash fiction challenge this week was a sort of follow on from last weeks. Last week he asked to think of last lines, with the view that this week we would be using them for a piece of flash fiction.

Well, there was a bit of a curve ball in that we are using one of the chosen ten last lines as an opening line. The one line that called to me was…

“That plan didn’t fly, superhero, and now we’re short a bazooka.”

Why did it stick out for me? Well, when I read it I instantly had an image of the type of person who would say that. Then all I had to do, was sort out what would actually happen to them. In true me fashion, it’s a little bizarre.

I’m honestly not sure how this piece of flash fiction turned out, so I am going to have to leave it you and your comments. Continue reading

Flash Fiction : First Day

flash fiction hero black maskAnother flash fiction challenge from Terribleminds.com, this time our challenge was to use a randomly chosen TV trope from www.tvtropes.org

Once you know what your TV trope is, you write a piece of flash fiction based on that concept. I got this one…

“The Hero has burst into the scene, has saved the girl, and is holding the villain at sword/gun-point. The villain, bewildered, demands “Who are you?” The hero responds with a Badass Boast. ”

It took me while to know where I was going to go with this, but I kinda like where it ended.

Let me know what you think, of course. After all, that is what the comments bit is for. I’ve heard tales that for everyone who reads this flash fiction and doesn’t comment, an angel gets a minor case of dermatitis, true story. So you see, you have to comment unless you want more flaky angels, and nobody wants that… do you?

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Flash Fiction: The Blackbird

flash fiction black bird blackbirdI didn’t write for the last Terribleminds.com flash fiction challenge because… fill in your own excuse here. I couldn’t miss this week’s flash fiction challenge, though. We were given a list of 20 books, films, comics, and TV shows. We were to randomly choose two of these and then write a piece of flash fiction which would be described as a mixture of the two.

Chuck Wendig described the challenge like so…

“…the result should be thematic and stylistic, not actual mash-up fanfiction. (Again, envision you take your story into a pitch meeting and to pitch it, you combine two seemingly unlike pop culture properties. It’s like that.)”

I rolled my virtual D20, and I got Batman and Pride & Prejudice, which is an interesting combination.

So here we go, this is The Blackbird which should hopefully be described as Batman meets Pride & Prejudice. You see?

Anyway, hope you enjoy it, and feel free to comment.

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National Flash Fiction Anthology (Part 2 – Captive Audience)

This is the second piece of flash fiction I entered into the National Flash Fiction Day contest. If you want to read the first one you can get to it from here.

Flash Fiction – Captive Audience

Private Mason picked his way through the rubble of what was left of the town’s museum. The attack had started so quickly that there was no time to rescue many of the works of art that had been housed there. Ripped and scorched paintings lay on the floor, while pieces of broken display cases and their contents were scattered across the cracked marble floor.

The soldier picked his way across the floor, trying not to step on anything that only a week ago would have been priceless. The gunfire and shells exploding outside shook the building, and clouds of dust dropped from the cracked ceiling that blinded Mason, made him stagger and trip over.

Flash fiction annunciation henry tanner paintingHe rubbed his eyes and looked up, that was when he saw her. A miracle, a painting had survived. Mason’s parents were devout Catholics, so he could recognise images of Mary and the angel Gabriel. He stood up and rubbed the dirt from the brass name badge that hung at an angle underneath the painting.

‘Annunciation by Henry Tanner. 1898’ Masons took the crucifix on the gold chain that hung around his neck and held it tightly. ‘You’re still looking out for me aren’t you?’

Masons looked at the painting, the background noise of gunfire faded into white noise and he lost himself in the image. Mary looked so beautiful and innocent as she looked in wonder at Gabriel. There was something so loving and warm in her smile, a smile that was reaching out to him. The more he looked at her, the more he felt the warmth of her love growing within his chest.

The image flickered, and Mason saw that Mary was smiling at him, it felt as if time had slowed down, every shot and explosion that shook the building had been slowed down to a low pitched growl, as broken rubble and plaster fell to the ground as slow as snowflakes.

The warmth in Mason’s chest grew hotter. Finally the heat became so intense that the private was shaken from the loving embrace of the painting. Instinctively he looked down at his chest, and that was when he saw the dark red patch growing around the end of the bayonet protruding from his chest.

The bayonet quickly disappeared, and he fell on to the floor feeling the agony of the attack for the first time. Left only with the image of the painting and the sound of his killer’s slow and heavy footsteps running away, he gripped the crucifix around his neck tightly again and smiled.

‘Guess you couldn’t wait’

National Flash Fiction Anthology (Part 1 – The Scream)

The Scream Painting flash fictionA few weeks back, I came across the website for the National Flash Fiction Day that takes place on the 22nd June. Every year they run a competition for any flash fiction writers willing to give it a try. They decide on a theme and then it’s up to you to write one or two pieces of flash fiction that fit into that theme. The lucky few people chosen as winners would feature in this years anthology as well as get armfuls of books and e-books and things.

Well this year the theme was art, and it didn’t matter if the link was tenuous or obvious as long as it was there.

I wasn’t lucky enough to be chosen this year, but that’s no reason no not to share the entries with the world. Or at least the 13 or 14 people who may accidentally come across this blog over the course of several years.

The below is the first of two pieces of flash fiction, and if you do come across it I’d be interested to know what you think.

Flash Fiction – The Scream

“Ray! I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to…. I’m so…. sorry…! Ray?’

Lily knelt over the body of her husband, apologising to him as she had always done, still holding the knife that had painted her hands red. She knew she shouldn’t have made him angry, she shouldn’t have pushed him; she shouldn’t have been so selfish.

She could still hear the argument they’d had ringing in her ears. She was used to Ray’s temper, especially after a drink but it was different this time, she had gone too far. Lily had always wanted to make more of her life; she had been the perfect housewife and mother for eighteen years but now after a chance meeting with an old school friend she thought that maybe it was time she went back to College, so that night she had asked Ray for permission.

‘Did you get that stupid idea from that bitch, Charlotte?’ Ray had shouted back at her. ‘Your place is here looking after this house and being my wife, or is that not good enough for you anymore?’

Lily tore herself away from her dead husband’s eyes and looked up at the old and tattered poster of The Scream by Edvard Munch stuck to her faded and peeling living room wall. The screaming figure clutched its head in terror and screamed down at the still, bloodied corpse in front of her. It screamed for her and what she had done.

Lily rubbed her eyes instinctively but they weren’t wet, she wasn’t shedding any tears for her husband, in fact the longer she stared at his body the less she started to feel, until there was nothing just a dull numbness. She stood up, dropped the knife on the floor and walked over to the phone and rang the police.

‘I killed him. I’m at 245 Poldonis Street.’ was all she said to the operator before she put the phone down.

Minutes passed, just how many minutes she wasn’t sure but as she stared at the poster again, she saw it differently. She no longer saw the terrifying image of the screaming figure. She focused on the couple in the background; the couple who were walking away; the couple who were turning their backs on the fear and horror and walking into a different picture; a different life.

Now she knew why she wasn’t crying.

Flash Fiction: Falling For Your Boss

falling dropping plummet man business man flash fictionWell after leaving the last flash fiction challenge until pretty much the last day, I thought I would actually write this one a little ahead of time. Mr Wendig from Terribleminds.com, he who is lord and master of all flash fiction challenges. Well the ones on his website anyway, and quite frankly who would want any more.

Anyway, his challenge this week was to randomly choose something from his list of psychic powers and write yourself a bit of flash fiction where the protagonist has this very same power. Well I rolled my trusty D20, and I got the power of…

Duh-duh-duuuuuuh… ‘bi-location’.

I’m pretty sure I knew what bi-location was, but checked on Wikipedia anyway. In short it is the ability to be in two places at the same time.

Here is…

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Flash Fiction: True Wealth

flash fiction errand wealth story penI have fallen behind with my flash fiction writing lately. Well the latest challenge by Chuck Wendig from Terribleminds.com was enough to stir me from my dilatory slumber. He provided us with a link that sent us off to a Fantasy Character concept generator. With one click of a button, five fantasy concepts were generated. All I had to do was choose one of them and then use it for the basis of a 1000 word piece of flash fiction.

Out of the five concepts I had, I chose…

“an ensorcelled errand boy is trying to rid herself of a curse.”

Hope you enjoy it, but if you think there are ways it can be improved, please let me know in the comments. I’m still learning. Continue reading

Flash Fiction: Phenomena

flash fiction ufo chryssalid alien attackThis week’s flash fiction challenge by Terribleminds.com follows on from the previous weeks challenge. The previous weeks challenge was to write a corker of an opening line. Chuck Wendig would then choose the lines that he thought were the best. Well this week, we have to use one of those opening lines as a starter for a piece of flash fiction. Any genre, any style, but it has to be less than 1000 words as.

The line I chose to start with, well it’s kinda obvious as it is the first line but I will write it here as well out of a sense of completion.

“My brother’s birth was preceded by three distinct and inexplicable phenomena.”

You see what I did with it? Well, I hope you like it and feel free to add a comment or two.

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More Writing Prompts and Ideas

writing prompts creative fiction fountain pen writingWriting Prompts are useful. There we go, a very obvious statement to open up with. Especially for those times when you want to write a piece of flash fiction or a short story, maybe even a whole novel if it is a particular empty Sunday afternoon, but your inspiration has deserted you and you just don’t know what to write about.

I wrote a post a few months back (Creative Writing Prompts and Exercises) that listed ten ways of flooding your mind with new writing ideas. Is ten ideas really enough? Does my list of ten writing prompts cover every single possible way? You bet your ass it doesn’t, which is why I’m going to list even more for you here.

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Flash Fiction: Cube Route

flash fiction library booksWell, I’m still trying to get back into a regular writing routine, and the flash fiction challenges hosted at Terribleminds.com are a damn good way of doing it. The challenge this week was to take five from a given list of ten words and write a piece of fiction in which those words are the main elements. This time I can’t just crowbar a word or phrase in, they have to be elements of the story.

I chose the following words:

  • Storm
  • Cube
  • Ethereal
  • Undertaker
  • Library

I’ve gotten a bit out of practice with these flash fiction challenges so if you do read this and have the sudden urge to leave a comment it would be graciously received (providing it is graciously written of course) and very helpful.

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