A mythical monster usually represented as breathing fire and having a scaly reptilian body, wings, claws, and a long tail often appearing in fantasy and rpg video games.

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As if making some of the most downloaded mobile MMO’s wasn’t enough for Spacetime Studios, or Spacetime Games as they are now called, they’ve put their gaming creativity in to something new. That’s right. After Pocket Legends, Space Legends, Dark Legends and Arcane Legends they’ve made something so new that it doesn’t even have Legends in the title. They’ve made […]

Battle Dragons, something new from Spacetime Studios

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Last Friday’s Flash Fiction Challenge from Terribleminds.com called ‘one small story in seven acts’ was to create a piece of Flash Fiction of no more than 1000 words that follows a basic seven act structure. These acts are as follows, and I quote from Chuck himself here. “Behold, a rough seven-act structure: Intro (duh) –> Problem or Attack (duh) –> Initial […]

Flash Fiction: The Luck of Korneal