This weeks Flash Fiction challenge hosted at is a picture based challenge. He gave us a link to a website that showed us 24 truly astonishing pictures from places you would struggle to believe actually existed and weren’t Photoshop creations. All we had to do was to choose one of them and use it as inspiration for your piece […]

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In a similar vein to last weeks Flash Fiction hosted at, we have a whole new set of lists to generate our Flash fiction details from. With a deft flick of the wrist, I rolled my D10’s and generated the following items. Sub-Genre: Weird West Conflict: Someone’s been poisoned Must feature: A mysterious stranger Oh, and when I say […]

Flash Fiction: The Untold Legend of Skull Ridge

Here we go the first piece of Flash Fiction for 2013, and it ended up being a bizarre one. Thanks once more to Chuck Wendig and for the challenge. Chuck gave us three lists, Sub-genre, Setting and a further list giving you something that your piece of Flash Fiction must include. All we had to do was randomly chose […]

Flash Fiction: The Cat & Mouse Murders

Christmas in the post-War United States 3
I have finally managed to drag my motivation out of its ditch and write some Flash Fiction. Specifically, I’ve written a piece of Fiction for the Friday Flash Fiction Challenge. In Chuck’s own words… “I love the concept of the “War on Christmas.” I don’t mean that I like the actual faux-bullshit “war,” I mean, I like that term. […]

Flash Fiction: Where Elfs Dare

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It has been a long time since I last wrote something for one of Chuck Wendig’s Friday flash fiction challenges. I know I say that a lot, but it has been weeks and for one reason or another I kept putting it off or I never found the time, which is probably tantamount to the same thing. Well this week’s […]

Flash Fiction: The End Bit

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For this weeks flash fiction challenge at we were given a list of ten ‘ingredients’ that could be used in a piece of flash fiction. We had to choose five out of those ten ingredients and use them in a piece of 1000 word flash fiction. I could have chosen the ones I wanted but I felt that the ingredients […]

Flash Fiction: Desert Music

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For this weeks flash fiction challenge over at, we were asked to write our flash fiction based on one of these five titles… The Monkey’s Pageant Dead-Clock’s Revenge The Black Lighthouse Bright Stars Gone To Black Plastic Dreams & Doll Desires …or any combination of those words without adding any more of our own. Well, seeing as the word […]

Flash Fiction: Dead Desire

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Another week and another flash fiction challenge by Adding to the success of the earlier ‘Aspect’ flash fiction challenges (my entries can be seen here and here), Mr Wendig has done it again. This time he’s expanded the possible sub-genre, problem and elements to include options for our flash fiction by 100%. That’s right, now there are twenty possible […]

Flash Fiction: The Three Naughty Friends

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This weeks Flash Fiction challenge hosted by was rather tricky. Mr Wendig gave us a randomly generated sentence which we had to include somewhere in our piece of 1000 word flash fiction. The sentence was… “A novice revenges the rhythm” It is a rather difficult sentence to use in its natural form due to a few grammatical inconsistencies. However, […]

Flash Fiction: The Crossword Killer