Flash Fiction: Sparks of Guilt

This weeks Flash Fiction challenge hosted at Terribleminds.com is a picture based challenge. He gave us a link to a website that showed us 24 truly astonishing pictures from places you would struggle to believe actually existed and weren’t Photoshop creations. All we had to do was to choose one of them and use it as inspiration for your piece of flash fiction.

I choose this photo of the Crystal Caves in Skaftafell in Iceland. Luckily the flash fiction challenge stipulated that I only had to be inspired by the photo and not actually include it, because I deviated a little from my original idea. Hopefully, you can at least see where I got my inspiration.

via. llwproductions.files.wordpress.com

As usual, I am always looking for comments, help and advice etc. So if you have any of that, please leave it in the comments below.

Here it is…

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Flash Fiction: The Untold Legend of Skull Ridge

cowboy western horse rancher In a similar vein to last weeks Flash Fiction hosted at Terribleminds.com, we have a whole new set of lists to generate our Flash fiction details from. With a deft flick of the wrist, I rolled my D10’s and generated the following items.

  • Sub-Genre: Weird West
  • Conflict: Someone’s been poisoned
  • Must feature: A mysterious stranger

Oh, and when I say I rolled a D10, I didn’t. That was a bit of creative license on my part, I used an online number generator but I thought the dice version was punchier.

Anyway, please let me know what you think in the comments bit. What did you like? What didn’t you like? How would you change it? etc. It’s all very helpful to me.

So here it is…

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Flash Fiction: The Cat & Mouse Murders

flash fiction mouse cat murderHere we go the first piece of Flash Fiction for 2013, and it ended up being a bizarre one. Thanks once more to Chuck Wendig and Terribleminds.com for the challenge.

Chuck gave us three lists, Sub-genre, Setting and a further list giving you something that your piece of Flash Fiction must include. All we had to do was randomly chose one item from each three lists and put them all together into a flash fiction. Well I rolled, and I got the following…

  • Sub Genre – Splatterpunk
  • Setting – An Abandoned Wall-Mart
  • Must Feature – Talking Animals

So there you go, hope you enjoy it and if you want to leave a comment, well that’s what the section at the bottom is for.

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Flash Fiction: Where Elfs Dare

christmas tree xmas pine bauble tinsel

I have finally managed to drag my motivation out of its ditch and write some Flash Fiction. Specifically, I’ve written a piece of Fiction for the Terribleminds.com Friday Flash Fiction Challenge. In Chuck’s own words…

“I love the concept of the “War on Christmas.” I don’t mean that I like the actual faux-bullshit “war,” I mean, I like that term.

I want you to use that term literally.

I want you to write a war about – or even against — Christmas.”

So here it is, my tale of a Christmas war.

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Flash Fiction: The End Bit

Coat of arms of unspecified drawn by Ssire for...

It has been a long time since I last wrote something for one of Chuck Wendig’s Friday flash fiction challenges. I know I say that a lot, but it has been weeks and for one reason or another I kept putting it off or I never found the time, which is probably tantamount to the same thing. Well this week’s challenge was too much of a sign to pass up.

For this week’s challenge he wants the last 1000 words of a novel, the ending, the summing, up the bit just before you get to the ‘Also by this author bit’. You get the idea. Maybe, just maybe if I had a go at writing the ending of my own struggling novel it would provide a bit more of a kick for me to write the rest of it. It does sound like it could work, and the worse that could happen is that I end up just writing some fiction instead, the horror.

So, with no more of an intro than the one I have already bored you with, here’s… ‘The End Bit’…

Oh, and it will very likely change if the damn thing is ever at a publishable standard so don’t start hunting me down if it differs. (I’m just thinking ahead, better safe than sorry.)

(N.B. That was a lot harder than I thought it would be.)

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Flash Fiction: Desert Music

flash fiction sand hot sun desert dunes saharaFor this weeks flash fiction challenge at Terribleminds.com we were given a list of ten ‘ingredients’ that could be used in a piece of flash fiction. We had to choose five out of those ten ingredients and use them in a piece of 1000 word flash fiction. I could have chosen the ones I wanted but I felt that the ingredients were all of a similar vein so it might be more interesting if I randomly picked the five I had to use.

I used random.org to generate a random number which lead me to the following five ingredients.

  • A Missing Corpse
  • A Broken Music Box
  • An Ancient Curse
  • A Half Burned Notebook
  • A Venomous Creature

As usual comments are both welcome and encouraged. Let me know what you think.

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Flash Fiction: Dead Desire

flash fiction zombies undead story tale love romanceFor this weeks flash fiction challenge over at Terribleminds.com, we were asked to write our flash fiction based on one of these five titles…

  • The Monkey’s Pageant
  • Dead-Clock’s Revenge
  • The Black Lighthouse
  • Bright Stars Gone To Black
  • Plastic Dreams & Doll Desires

…or any combination of those words without adding any more of our own. Well, seeing as the word dead is in there and I did promise Jo of TheHappyLogophile.com that the next flash fiction I wrote would include zombies I came up with this little tale of undead love.

Oh, technically the zombie should have been in my last flash fiction but I couldn’t think of any way of putting it into this, so I saved it and thought I’d add it to this one instead.

Hope you like it, and I would love to hear your thoughts.

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Flash Fiction: The Three Naughty Friends

flash fiction statue granite sandstone sand stone gargoyleAnother week and another flash fiction challenge by Terribleminds.com. Adding to the success of the earlier ‘Aspect’ flash fiction challenges (my entries can be seen here and here), Mr Wendig has done it again. This time he’s expanded the possible sub-genre, problem and elements to include options for our flash fiction by 100%. That’s right, now there are twenty possible choices for each. Which of those possible 8000 choices did I get for my flash fiction?

  • Sub genre – Twisted fairy tale
  • Conflict / problem – Revenge
  • Element to include – A severed hand

Sometimes it can take a while for the ideas to formulate into something tangible, not this time though. As soon as the three components had been generated I was off like a whippet out of a trap.

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Flash Fiction: The Crossword Killer

flash fiction font print letter text alphabetThis weeks Flash Fiction challenge hosted by Terribleminds.com was rather tricky. Mr Wendig gave us a randomly generated sentence which we had to include somewhere in our piece of 1000 word flash fiction. The sentence was…

“A novice revenges the rhythm”

It is a rather difficult sentence to use in its natural form due to a few grammatical inconsistencies. However, after a few days of mulling, ideas slowly started to brew and ferment like alcoholic tea. Then like a thunderbolt from the sky, or more accurately one of those little lightning bolts on the sensitive teeth adverts, struck me and suddenly I was on to something.

So, as always I hope you like and you must leave a comment. Yep, I’m making it mandatory now. If you try to leave the page after reading this without leaving a comment, I will send my army of molluscs after you. Don’t think I won’t. They’ll just wait for you, clinging on to your shower curtain to take you by surprise and take very small bites out of you.

Have fun, peeps.

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Flash Fiction: The Cockney’s Story

Flash Fiction a Cockney's StoryThis is my entry to the Terribleminds.com Flash Fiction Challenge: The Flea Market.

Another bit of flash fiction where I had no idea where I was going with it until I got to the end. Exciting, eh?

Here it is, comments are always welcome in fact they are positively encouraged.

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