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Flash Fiction : First Day

Another flash fiction challenge from Terribleminds.com, this time our challenge was to use a randomly chosen TV trope from www.tvtropes.org Once you know what your TV trope is, you write a piece of flash fiction based on that concept. I got this one… “The Hero has burst into the scene, has saved the girl, and […]

Flash Fiction: The Blackbird

I didn’t write for the last Terribleminds.com flash fiction challenge because… fill in your own excuse here. I couldn’t miss this week’s flash fiction challenge, though. We were given a list of 20 books, films, comics, and TV shows. We were to randomly choose two of these and then write a piece of flash fiction […]

Flash Fiction: Falling For Your Boss

Well after leaving the last flash fiction challenge until pretty much the last day, I thought I would actually write this one a little ahead of time. Mr Wendig from Terribleminds.com, he who is lord and master of all flash fiction challenges. Well the ones on his website anyway, and quite frankly who would want […]

Flash Fiction: True Wealth

I have fallen behind with my flash fiction writing lately. Well the latest challenge by Chuck Wendig from Terribleminds.com was enough to stir me from my dilatory slumber. He provided us with a link that sent us off to a Fantasy Character concept generator. With one click of a button, five fantasy concepts were generated. […]

Flash Fiction: Phenomena

This week’s flash fiction challenge by Terribleminds.com follows on from the previous weeks challenge. The previous weeks challenge was to write a corker of an opening line. Chuck Wendig would then choose the lines that he thought were the best. Well this week, we have to use one of those opening lines as a starter […]

Flash Fiction: Cube Route

Well, I’m still trying to get back into a regular writing routine, and the flash fiction challenges hosted at Terribleminds.com are a damn good way of doing it. The challenge this week was to take five from a given list of ten words and write a piece of fiction in which those words are the […]

Flash Fiction: Inspiration

Ok, so it has been way too long since I have posted anything, especially flash fiction. This is due to two things. Firstly, I have been having some major concentration issues with the release of Simcity. I’ve been finding it difficult to focus on anything except increasing the efficiency of my mass transport network in […]

Flash Fiction: Devil’s Advocaat

The gist of this week’s flash fiction is to take something from my own life and re-tell it by pushing it through the Magic Fictionising Machine. The first thing that occurred to me was that nothing at all interesting or in any way noteworthy has happened to me in my entire life.  I quickly shook […]

Flash Fiction: Terminus

This weeks flash fiction is based around these rather spectacular Russian photos, and some of them are pretty goddamn weird. I advise everyone to have a look at them, and just try to imagine the crazy-ass circumstances that would have led to that photo being taken. Anyway, the Terribleminds.com flash fiction challenge requires me to […]

Flash Fiction: Tea with Dr Chaos

More flash fiction goodness, and this week it is all about motifs. Terribleminds.com gave us a list of motifs, settings and sub-genres to randomly choose from. Whatever we chose or generated randomly should be used as part of this weeks flash fiction challenge entry. I rolled my metaphoric dice and I got… Motif – skulls […]