Flash Fiction – Joe’s Bar (Part 3)

Well we’re now at week three of the Terribleminds.com flash fiction challenge. The challenge being, to add 200 words to an existing piece of flash fiction, slowly building the story until after the five weeks we have a whole load of 1000 word tales.

First, I’m going to draw your attention to Lynna Landstreet’s  continuation of my flash fiction In Too Deep that I think is brilliant.  http://lynnalandstreet.com/stories/in-too-deep-parts-1-2

I have decided to pick up ‘Joe’s Bar’ started by The Urban Spaceman and continued by Rebecca Douglas

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Flash Fiction Challenge: 200 Words At A Time, Part Two

It’s part two of the Terribleminds.com flash fiction challenge. As a reminder the challenge is set over 5 weeks. For the first part of the challenge we had to write the opening 200 words to a piece of flash fiction. In the second week of the challenge we pick up someone elses first 200 words and we write the next 200 words. Next week we’ll choose someone elses story and add the third 200 words and so on until there are several 1000 word pieces of flash fiction with five authors.

Well, for this part I have chosen to continue Dangerdeans story entitled Blackout.

So here we have it. Dangerdeans original 200 words followed by my addition.

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Flash Fiction : In Too Deep

This is my first piece of flash fiction that I’ve written in a while, and honestly it’s only about 20% as good as other stuff I’ve written. Though, I have only written one fifth of the story.

Chuck Wendig’s Terribleminds flash fiction challenge this week is a challenge in five parts. This week we are to write the first 200 words of a story. It doesn’t matter which genre, or style and there are no other criteria. Next week (or tomorrow to be more precise) we will all choose someone elses 200 words to write the next 200 words for. I will expect that each person cannot add to any story more than once but that is conjecture. I do love the word conjecture.

Well, here we go.

    Flash Fiction : In Too Deep

The plunge into the ice-cold water, hit Derry like an avalanche. A fading knowledge of the film ‘Predator‘ had informed him to lower his body temperature so that the alien won’t see him. Though, he hadn’t realised how cold the water would be, how the flow of the water would drag him away from the bank or how his thick woolen coat and boots would become the rocks that pulled him down.

It’s worth noting at this point that in Predator, the hero was a hardened military veteran with experience in guerrilla-warfare, while Derry worked in the Accounts department for a large national fish exporter, and the most alien thing he had encountered in his life so far was the perpetual lack of sticky notes in his office. Being woefully terrible at making quick decisions, preferring an hour or two to mull over every eventuality also goes some way to explain his poor choice of hiding place.
His limbs stiff, his breathing now wheezy-gulps, and his head now spent more time underwater as his legs struggled to move. Derry panicked, with a thought that he didn’t have hours to mull over…. he was going to die.

Skyrim Adventures : Part 7 Feeling Homesick

This is part 7 of Skyrim Adventures featuring my khajiit thief, Kally. To find out more click the ‘Skyrim Adventures‘ link.

Part 6 A Whole New World


Part 7 Feeling Homesick

Kally didn’t like the situation he was in. He tried to, after all there could be so much wealth here just ripe for the picking. There was something else. If it wasn’t for the help with killing those bandits at the caves, he may well be in several pieces.He had to get out, he had to get home.

He asked around, and there was a boatman who would take him back to Skyrim but by all accounts he was half way across this foreign land and there was no guarantee he would make it there in one piece, either. Well he had to try, but not before he had helped himself to some of the local goodies. After all, he needed to be well stocked for his journey back. Continue reading

Flash Fiction: Eight Random Words

flash fiction shop shopping food snacksIf you were to ask me when the last time I wrote some flash fiction that wasn’t connected to an external challenge of some sort, I really would be hard pressed to remember. I shouldn’t need a reason to write flash fiction, especially seeing as I can’t seem to get my brain in the right gear to write at the moment. So, now is as good a time as any to write one.

I’ll randomly generate eight words, and my own personal challenge is to use all of those eight words in a piece of flash fiction no more than 200 words. Could be easy, could be ball-achingly difficult. I guess, we’ll see once I generate the words. Drum roll please.

  • book
  • lighter
  • doughnut
  • aroma
  • lemonade
  • loaf
  • torture
  • walking stick

That’s an odd mix of words.  I wonder what my mind and errant fingers will come up with. Let’s see.

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Flash Fiction : A Difficult Funeral

flash fiction funeral casket grave coffinI haven’t taken part in one of Chuck Wendig’s Terribleminds flash fiction challenges for a while. This was due to an increasing amount of excuses and dwindling amount of willpower. Well, I dragged myself up and off my ever-increasing arse and decided that this was the week where I would actually take part in the challenge. Not put it off until tomorrow, or later in the week. Oh no, actually putting fingers to keyboard and producing the piece of flash fiction now. So hoorah for me.

This weeks challenge had a fairly simple concept. There’s a list of twenty conflicts and I had to either choose one of them or put my faith in destiny and fate and use a random number generator. Well, I did the latter and I got…

‘A Difficult Funeral’

Luckily for me not only did I come up with an idea for this one fairly quickly but I figure ‘A Difficult Funeral’ would also work as the title as well.

Well, here we go and I hope you like it. Remember, for every comment left I well send you through the post, completely free and without charge a collection of oxygen and nitrogen atoms, in a special collectors edition oxygen and nitrogen bag.

Have fun, kiddleypeeps….

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Skyrim Adventures : Part 6 A Whole New World

This is part 6 of Skyrim Adventures featuring my khajiit thief, Kally. To find out more click the ‘Skyrim Adventures‘ link.

Part 5 The Depths

Part 6 A Whole New World

Kally stepped out of the pale blue, swirling portal. His stomach churned and his head felt tense as his entire form was transported an immeasurable distance. As his eyesight acclimatised to his new surroundings, he saw a large metal portcullis much like the one that guarded the portal on the other side. Continue reading

Skyrim Adventures : Part 5 The Depths

This is part 5 of Skyrim Adventures featuring my khajiit thief, Kally. To find out more click the ‘Skyrim Adventures‘ link in the header bar.

Part 4 This Job’s a Steal

Part 5 The Depths

Skyrim Adventures Stony Creek Cove screenshot

Kally walked away from the khajiit camp, not being entirely sure what he should do next. Getting his petty revenge on Solitude certainly did have its appeal, but there was something about the story of that Moon Amulet that struck a chord within him. Maybe he didn’t like another khajiit being stolen from, or maybe it was the chance of all that unattended wealth. Whatever it was Kally decided that revenge would have to wait.

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Skyrim Adventures : Part 4 This Jobs a Steal

This is part 4 of Skyrim Adventures featuring my khajiit thief, Kally. To find out more click the ‘Skyrim Adventures‘ link in the header bar.

Part 3 The Ratways

Part 4 This Jobs a Steal

Skyrim Adventures Riften shotKally started to think that he could really fit in with the Thieves Guild. At first he had every intention of just using their fence, but already he was feeling a certain kinship with the other members and there was certainly safety in numbers. Maybe he should stick around here a bit, and see just how far they could take him.

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Skyrim Adventures : Part 3 The Ratways

This is part 3 of Skyrim Adventures featuring my Khajiit thief, Kally. To find out more click the ‘Skyrim Adventures‘ link in the header bar.

Part 2 Back to Square One

Part 3 The Ratways

Kally stepped off the cart and looked at the tall, stone walls of Riften. According to the cart driver, Riften was not the most reputable place in Skyrim, in fact there were rumours of a guild of thieves hiding underneath the streets.

Riften is a port town, with dirty cobbled streets and rotten boardwalks spidered across the town and a stench of old water and rotten fish that wafted through the air.

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