A Gummy’s Life Early Access Preview

Couch based gameplay is rare in 2017. It wasn’t that long ago however that a night of gaming meant four friends parked in front of the TV with a Goldeneye cartridge and salty snacks galore. Don’t get me wrong, my computer, a discord chat and a few matches of Overwatch are still a very good time but I miss that feeling of rivalry and pure fun you can only get in person. Occasionally the perfect game for head to head couch play comes along. It’s in early access now, but with some tweaking, A Gummy’s Life can be that game.

A Gummy’s Life is a local competitive brawler, currently available in early access on Steam. In a local setting up to 16 players can compete in wacky physics based combat as Gummy creatures come to life. Anyone familiar with Double Fine’s Gang Beast’s  will take to A Gummy’s life pretty quickly. You can grab opponents, throw punches, drop kicks, or just use the environment to your advantage. With room for up to sixteen players, things can get hectic pretty fast. I don’t have to tell you that hooking up sixteen people to a single PC is far from ideal. Hopefully, the developers over at EP Games will see fit to add online play before the title leaves early access.

A Gummy’s Life has plenty of characters to choose from. Gummy Sharks, bears, licorice men, you get the idea. You can even customize the colors of the diffrent character options to suit your personal preference. I for one am a Pink Gummy shark man, and I will be forever.

Stage design in A Gummy’s Life is varied enough to keep you playing. From simple arena’s with no hazards to ferris wheels, and farms filled to the brim with zombie gummy bears. Performance-wise A Gummy’s life runs great, you’ll notice some frame rate drops as you get to higher player counts, but sixteen is a whole lot of people to have playing on a single PC. Online functionality, if added wouldn’t have such issues.

A Gummy’s Life is a fun and pretty to look at competitive couch game. At a $9.99 price point in Early Access, it’s a cheaper answer for those wanting to get in on wacky physics based combat like Gang Beast’s. It also supports an insane number of players. With some changes, mainly the addition of online play it could be one of the next big things over on Steam.

Rich Meister

Rich Meister

Rich is 24 years old and lives in Long Island NY and has been video gaming for most of his life. His favorite genres are JRPGs and tactics RPGs.

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