Jak and Daxter Coming to PlayStation 4

All four of Naughty Dog’s Jak and Daxter games are coming to PlayStation 4 as PS2 Classics.

Every single one of Naughty Dog’s polarising Jak and Daxter games is being released on Playstation 4 as PS2 Classics. This comes at a time where Playstation are finally starting to dish out fan service as the long time purists howl for classics – with the Crash Remastering on the way as well.

Unlike the Crash Remastering however, Playstation are not just bringing the trilogy of Jak and Daxter – but also Jak X: Combat Racing. This means that Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy, Jack II, Jak 3 and the racing spin-off will all be available to download off the PlayStation store later this year.

The games will, of course, all have trophy support and come with a slick 1080p graphical upgrade. Making them the definite versions to play. As it’s on PlayStation – you’ll have your usual Remote Play, Share Play and activity feed support also.

Jak and Daxter Coming to PS4

Unfortunately, pricing details are yet to be revealed – as is a set-in-stone release date.

It will be the first time that Jak X has resurfaced on anything other than a PS2. A long time coming for fans of the 2005 classic. The game will not feature any online functionality – but split screen play will be available. Granting anyone who had the pleasure of owning the game over ten years ago a real nostalgia trip.

All of the original modes are back on the remaster – with adventure and exhibition being the highlights. Watch out for more Jak and Daxter news right here at theZombiechimp.

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