5 Reasons To Buy Mass Effect Andromeda

Mass Effect has had some mixed responses over the years. From complete love of the entire series, to people hating it because the ending to 3 was a bit rubbish. Regardless, the folks at Bioware have decided to give it another shot but this time, with a slightly different take on things. With Mass Effect Andromeda coming out in a couple of weeks, I wanted to give you all a few reasons why you should definitely buy this one.

1. The Story

Okay, so we know a bit about the story so far. Our mission, as Path Finder, is to find a new home for humans. We have no idea what actually happened to the Reapers because we left before the final showdown. So, we can forget about the events that took place in the last Mass Effect games. This one is entirely different. Yes, there are a lot of similar characters but the story is not the same. It doesn’t follow on and there is very little connection to the previous story. It’s a whole new galaxy, literally, and we should all look at it with a fresh perspective.

2. The Combat System

I was quite impressed when they said that the combat would be different in Mass Effect Andromeda. Usually, these types of games just rinse and repeat and it is boring. So, to see that they are introducing a more free flowing combat system is alright with me. The fact that you can use pretty much anything as cover now is a relief. Also, you can hover and shoot people. Now, who hasn’t wanted to do that?

3. No Classes

This isn’t going to be a plus for some people but, personally, I think it’s one of the best things I have seen about this game. You are no longer restricted to what weapons and skills you can use. All skills and weapons are available to you so you can choose how you want to play. It gives you more freedom, so if you want to be a stealthy sneaky person who also uses assault rifles, now you can.

New skills and no more classes (Taken from the Official Mass Effect Youtube channel)

4. New Profiles

Now there are no classes involved, your play style can become super unique to you. But, you can also select from one of the seven new profiles to boost your chosen skills. For example, if you want to go with a Biotic style character, you can choose to the profile that gives you boosts to all your Biotic skills. Equally, if you would rather put your skills in weapons, there’s a profile for that. The best part is, you can change these profiles as you play. So, if you decide half way through the game you want to change it, you can. How brilliant is that?

5. Exploration

Something I always liked about the old Mass Effect games was that you didn’t always just have to do missions. You could also explore planets. And, by the looks of things, they are bringing this back. Now we get the Nomad (not the Mako) to use in our exploration. I’m hoping it isn’t as horrible to drive around as the Mako but we shall see. Ultimately, the thought of exploring an entire new galaxy, with new aliens and creatures to discover, who knows what we’ll find.

So, those are just some of the reasons I believe you should be investing your money in Mass Effect: Andromeda. It looks like a game that has a lot to offer. I’m super excited for it but let me know what you guys think. Are you excited, worried or not sure?

Mass Effect Andromeda comes out in the UK on March 23rd 2017.  


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