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EA and DICE have become synonymous with gamers looking for a top-notch first person experience without the 12 year olds screaming into a microphone. Their latest game, Battlefield 1 is a literally breathtaking work of art. BF1 brings us back to a time when the battlefield was all too real, and the way they capture this war turns into more of a humbling reflection of our society than just an entertaining game.


The campaign is split into 5 mini campaigns / stories that can be played in any order. Since they are not linked together linearly you can decide which region of the war you want to experience. People forget that World War 1 contained a huge advancement in technology and this is captured throughout the different war fronts. Whether it’s communicating with pigeons and riding on horseback or sitting in the back of a tank, designers uniquely captured the evolution and advancement of combat technology spectacularly.

As a side note, these stories are not for children. The opening story is humbling and gut wrenching, with each death being the end of a person’s life. When a name is connected to it, it feels all too real. War is ugly, and Dice/EA have managed to take us from the comfort of our own homes and literally drop us into the middle of the battlefield.


The multiplayer is exactly what you would expect in a rebound title. From the hardcore players who lived in Battlefield 4 (and stuck with it despite Hardline being released), we were waiting on a first person shooter to return us to the basics of gun skill and reflexes. Operations is warfare on an epic scale that has never, and I mean NEVER seen on a console. 64 players in a Rush objective hybrid that allows attackers more advantages in terms of arsenal the better the defense is doing? That is unique and extremely well executed. Being able to fly a bomber, ride on horseback, or beat someone to death with a trench shovel make the experience versatile and retains the customization for the players. The animation for the close quarter kills are perfectly executed and I look forward to finishing my first shovel montage.


Battlefield 1 Screenshot

This game is visually stunning. Not just the video cut scenes, loading pages or intros/outros, the entire game from the game up is beautiful. The designers behind this work should sit back and take a breath filled with pride. The details in this game are usually reserved for games like Elder Scrolls, Final Fantasy, Dark Souls and the like. We all know the story of World War 1 and the way it was captured here is not only new and refreshing, but the minute details excel at honoring the soldiers who helped shape the world.


When you turn the game on, sit there and listen to the menu theme. It isn’t a fast paced combat theme or war drums beating you forward.. it’s almost solemn and calming. It’s borderline hymnal quality that makes the game even more alluring. This was a bloody, gruesome war and right from the start you get that feeling.


In an environment filled with jet packs and laser cannons, even competitors are going back to basics with the release of MW:Remastered. The need and call for a game to return us to our roots has arrived, and this is a must have for anyone who wants to experience a true work of art in the FPS arena.


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