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You know that exhilarating feeling of running around a floating n-dimensional cube as a white circle desperately trying to collect your blue squares when all the while dangerous black squares are coming at you. There really is nothing like it. What? You don’t know what I’m talking about? Then maybe you should take a look at Zampa Cubes by Cosmic Works Studios.

The premise of the game is exactly that. You play a white circle, stranded on a cube. Although we don’t quite know why this white circle is desperate to collect these squares, I assume it has something to do with an intense longing of corners, something he, as a circle knows nothing about. So you move your circle around the shape, collecting the blue squares and avoiding the deadly black circles.

It does sound easy enough but the real challenge is moving out of the way quick enough if there’s a black heading your way as you turn on to a new side. You don’t have energy, or shields so one hit and that’s it, you die, or at least you do the thing that shapes ultimately do when they expire.

If you’ve had a fantastic game and managed to rack up a fantastically high score you can share it on Facebook. If you’ve had an absolutely terrible game you can still upload it to Facebook but people will be a lot less impressed.

If you’re interested in giving Zampa Cubes a try then you can download it for your mobile divide from Google Play or the apple store. It’s free and the kind of thing that you can lose a whole bus journey on.

If you’re an Indie developer and want your game featured on Indie Shout-Out just drop us a line on the Contact page and we’ll see what we can do.

Jim Franklin

Jim Franklin

Jim Franklin is a freelance writer, living in Derby UK with his wife. When time allows he likes nothing more than losing himself in a multi-hour gaming session. He likes most games and will play anything but prefers MMO's, and sandbox RPG's.

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