Overwatch PTR: New Updates

Will we finally see a rise in Widowmaker usage? Will Junkrat become even more annoying/awesome than ever? New tweaks to these characters are now being tested as updates on the Overwatch PTR.


Widow’s loss of quick scoping has been long lamented. And for quite some time, she’s been considered one of the characters most in need of a buff. Always on the brink of being viable and even quite powerful, Widowmaker might be receiving just the oomph she needs to see regular usage.

With a reduction in scoping-in animation time (from .5 seconds to .3 seconds) she will now be able to react faster in dire situations and switch targets more quickly. Whether she will see more use on defense is not yet clear, though there is a good chance there will be a rise in Widowmaker picks for attacking teams.

With one of the most powerful ultimate abilities in Overwatch, that charges relatively quickly, Widowmaker may just have been buffed into competitive viability.



Not too much will be altering our beloved Australian demolitionist. Just a tiny tweak to his ultimate to make it seem less underpowered compared to other abilities. Junkrat’s RIP tire will now activate more quickly, to make him a little more effective.


In addition to the Widowmaker and Junkrat buffs, Ana is receiving a few changes to her Nano Boost and Biotic Grenade. These changes may significantly impact the current 3 tank 3 support meta, where her Nano Boost plays a critical role.

Ana’s Nano Boost now costs 20% more ultimate charge. This means the ridiculous charge rate for her ult is significantly increased. Is this a severe nerf? It isn’t clear yet but it could change the meta. This depends on if her ult will now become too slow to stay the engine of the triple tank strategy.

Aside from the Nano Boost changes, she is getting a slight buff to Biotic Grenade. Its area of effect has increased from 3 to 4 meters. She can now (hopefully) better hit multiple targets, be them enemies or allies.

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