Dragon Encounter Latest May Update

If you’re a player of Dragon Encounter, one of the more popular Japanese mobile device RPG’s then you’re likely to be salivating over all the goodies that the latest patch is shoveling into the game.

This what they’re cramming into the update

1. Sereni’s packages on the shop! – New package available in-game shop
2. New Raid Boss incoming! – Challenge the new raid boss and get its new equipment
3. New Avatar Gatcha now available! – New cool and cute avatars that is up for grabs
4. Join the Hot time Event and get exciting rewards: Exp x2, x2 Enchant Stone Drop, Gold x2
5. Join the Challenge Event and get an exclusive avatar for your character

If you follow the Dragon Encounter Facebook page there is also a chance to win 5000 rubies, which are the in-game currency for those not in the know.

First go to their Facebook page and then complete the task to be in with a chance of winning the virtual booty.

If you want more information you can find it on their official site plus a whole raft of information about the update below, all for your pleasure

Dragon Encounter’s incoming updates, players are never too late to play!

Keep moving the goalposts and raising my game”. – Martin Henderson.

 The RPG Action Game Dragon Encounter which became the No. 1 Free-to-Play mobile Action RPG from Korea, Japan and South East Asia brings you the latest updates to offer for your best gaming experience.

Dragon Encounter is an arcade style RPG mobile game which caters exceptional visuals and action for the players. This month of May, Dragon Encounter brings you up-to-date features and events.

Sereni’s packages on the shop!

Dragon Encounter will be having two new packages that will be available for grabs within the game shop. These packages are Sereni’s Enchant Package and Sereni’s Premium Enchant Package which contain numerous Rubies, Golds, Gatcha tickets and other remarkable items that may enhance the weapons and armors of the game characters.

Dragon Encounter Sereni Package

New Avatar Gatcha now available!

Devil Set and Dark Knight Set are now up for grabs that can be acquired through Gatcha. The two new well designed avatars can increase the status levels such as HP, ATK, and Evasion up to 1-1.2%.

Dragon Encounter Avatar Gatcha
New Raid Boss incoming!

If the players are looking for challenge and thrill, Dragon Encounter welcomes players to defeat the new raid boss called The Great Satyr which is the first of the many dragons that arrived in Allensia. Defeat the boss and get to wear its equipment.Dragon Encounter Raid Boss

Hot time Event, Challenge Event and Ruby Event!

To obtain exclusive avatars for the game characters, come and join us in the Challenge Event which will start on May 3 to May 31, 23:59:59 (UTC-4), on May 2 to May 31 23:59:59(UTC-4), Dragon Encounter will be having a Hot Time Event which players can collect EXP, Gold and Enchant Stone Drop and on May 17 to May 24 23:59:59 (UTC-4) get bonus Ruby.

Dragon Encounter Challenge Mode

Get More Ruby!

Can’t get enough with quests? Dragon Encounter offers more even outside the game. Check for the latest quest on Facebook

Complete the task that was asked and have a chance to get 5000 rubies for free.

Join now and get ready to immerse yourself in the GREATEST ACTION RPG on the small screen!


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IOS: https://itunes.apple.com/app/id1080905142

For Game Guide and more information: http://www.mobirum.com/dragonencounter

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Snowpopcorn Co. Ltd

SnowPopcorn is a game studio that was established in 2013. All its members are veterans from the game industry with over 10 years of experience, now focusing on developing RPG action games. Dragon EncounterTM ‘ is the company’s first title which became an instant hit, achieving the 1st rank in the App Store and Google Play store in Korea, Japan and South-east Asia.

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