World of Warcraft – Farewell for Now

Ah, the Wow lull. That feeling of boredom that sweeps over me a certain period of time after a new World of Warcraft add-on is released is as familiar to me as the excitement over a new patch.

It’s happened several times before, and in fact there have even posts about it here and here. I don’t exactly race to the end, but I get there and make steady progress with all but the raiding bit. This is usually down to time, I just don’t have time to raid, and even when i do there’s no guarantee I want to waste what little time I have in a queue.

I’ve got two level 100’s 5 on the way to 100. One well-built level three garrison, 40+ followers most on the way to (if not at) level 475. And a whole host of other characters over multiple servers, at varying levels and stages of garrison development.

I’m not running out of things to do. Well, not in the literal sense, there’s the Pandaria bet battle Masters to catch up with, I’ve just changed professions so could do with leveling those up, grinding reputations finding pets and do on, and so on.

However, the things I can do. I am just finding them tedious. How interesting is it to feel compelled to log into a character just to, complete your follower missions, pick up all your resources, complete two pet battle missions, then hop back to the main building for character upgrade and re-assign, before logging off again. I find with my limited time, that I am trying to this in as quick a time as possible so I still have time to play stuff I want.

I doesn’t take a brain-surgeon (or indeed a rocket scientist, as they are both equally qualified.) to tell me I need a break from wow, and should play something else. I’ve got plenty o choice, I’m trying to complete Dragon Age Inquisition for the second time round, there’s Sims 4, and I might actually get the new add-on, plus god knows how many other games floating around my hard drives at the moment.

I have jumped back into Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) now that it is free to play, as well. Frankly, I’m enjoying the change. I’ve deleted all my old characters. Not that they were very high level, but when returning to a game I prefer a clean break; new characters, new storyline, clear bags and bank etc. Everything should be as near to how it was when I bought the game. Especially as I only had low-level characters, it’s not a great loss.

By the way, I don’t have the same ideology with World of Warcraft. I have too many high level characters to even think about deleting them. They can all just simply languish in limbo until I decide to play WoW again.

At first, I wasn’t sure whether cancelling my World of Warcraft subscription was the right decision, but after writing this post I am convinced that it just makes sense. Why pay ten pounds a month for a joy-less obligation that doesn’t get me anything tangible to show for it.

Tonight, I will be having the World of Warcraft snip. Whether or not I sign up to ESO I’m not really sure. From what I have seen the free-to-play model on Elder Scrolls Online doesn’t leave much out. I seem to have access to the same game that I had when I logged on a few months ago. I’ll leave it until I actually start seeing a difference and make my mind up then.

So from me to Azeroth, ‘Catch ya later…’

Jim Franklin

Jim Franklin

Jim Franklin is a freelance writer, living in Derby UK with his wife. When time allows he likes nothing more than losing himself in a multi-hour gaming session. He likes most games and will play anything but prefers MMO's, and sandbox RPG's.

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