Battle Dragons released on iOS

Battle Dragons Red Blaster dragon ios icon pictureIf you cast your mind back a few weeks to the middle of July, you may remember that I was attempting to offload a whole load of free copies of the android version of the  game Battle Dragons developed by Spacetime Games (Free Battle Dragons Android Giveaway). In fact Battle Dragons was released a couple of weeks ago but I was out of the country, enjoying two weeks of honeymoon to get it out on time.

Anyway, now it’s the iOS users’ chance to get hold of a free copy. Not because of some fancy-schmancy competition but because of the rather dull reason of it actually being on general release and the people at Spacetime Games are handing this out for free.

I’ve downloaded it myself, and from the few minutes of playtime I could afford myself it’s looking like most of tonight will go into some serious ‘research’.

If you did fancy giving Battle Dragons a go, you can download it for free from the iTunes App Store

As always if you do want to know more, there’s the press release below and feel free to unleash a torrent of useful comments if it takes your fancy.

Spacetime Games’ Battle Dragons Ignites the App Store

Persistent Combat Strategy Title Now Available on iOS Devices

The leader of the dragon nations will soon be decided by iOS gamers worldwide as Spacetime Games persistent combat strategy title, Battle Dragons, ignites the App Store.  The game has been played by Android gamers in 157 countries since its release on Google Play a month ago.

battle dragons screenshot iosIn Battle Dragons, players command an army of ferocious, powerful dragons. To achieve a victory, they must collect resources, fortify their bases and form strategic alliances with other players to assemble a tribe.  If they are successful, players will advance from chieftain of a small tribe to leader of the Dragon Nations.

Spacetime has taken their experience implementing social features in the world’s most downloaded mobile MMO franchise and applied it to the combat strategy genre in Battle Dragons.  Tribe mates and Facebook friends can reduce resource collection time, provide speed buffs and donate troops to each other

“When developing Battle Dragons, we knew we had something special, but the overwhelmingly positive player response from the Android players surprised even us,” Gary Gattis, CEO, Spacetime Games, said. “We hope that the millions of iOS gamers who have enjoyed our previous games will enjoy this title just as much as their Android counterparts.”

Game Features

  • Deep Strategy – 18 offensive dragon units and 8 defensive structures, each with its own specific strengths and weaknesses
  • Spar Mode – refine defensive and offensive strategies by practicing attacks on your base, with no loss of troops
  • True Cross Platform Gaming – iOS and Android gamers play on the same server

Battle Dragons is the fifth title from Spacetime Games. The previous Spacetime titles, Arcane Legends, Star Legends, Dark Legends and Pocket Legends have collectively amassed more than 250 million play sessions and 20 million downloads.

Battle Dragons is free to download and play. The game features optional micro transactions and virtual currency that enhance the play experience with vanity items and speed boosts.

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Jim Franklin

Jim Franklin

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