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Game LogoHave you heard of a game called I Am MT: Card Battle? Well to be fair, I hadn’t until last week but there are millions of people in Asia to whom it is a very well-known card-based iOS app. Within a week of I am MT being released in the US it rocketed up the Top 10 Paid Games in the iTunes store, which is why you can now get the app for free.

I’ve had chance to give this game a go, and a review will be released on this blog shortly, but in the meantime take a look at the trailer and read the below press release to find out a little more about the game.

I am MT: Card Battle GOES Free-to-play

Massive Overseas Hit Breaks into Top 10 Paid Games on iTunes in First Week

I am MT: Card Battle fresh from successfully breaking into the iOS App Store’s top 10 Paid Games in its launch week is going free-to-play.

With more than 6 million active users in Asia, the company has decided that there is more than enough worldwide demand to move away from the paid app model.

“We really had no idea what kind of demand there would be for I am MT: Card Battle in the United States.  We went with a paid app at launch to be sure we could cover our costs,” Adam Tesluk, Marketing Manager, Locojoy said.  “After we say the huge number of gamers willing to purchase the game we knew there are enough U.S. gamers to make free-to-play work.”

I am MT card Battle screenshot The company is making sure that players who purchased the game during the launch week aren’t left out in the cold.  They will receive $5 worth of runes.  That is enough runes to purchase 1 premium card.

I am MT: Card Battle is based on the adorable characters from the animated web cartoon of the same name that follows the antics of a group of World of Warcraft players.

I am MT: Card Battle players pit their wits and cards against the CPU as they level up their deck. When players feel ready, they can enter the PvP Arena to struggle for control of one of 16 dungeons. Players who hold the dungeons in “King of the Hill” style combat against other players gain gold and honor.

In the game players collect more than 500 cards as they conquer powerful bosses. Cards can be evolved with experience into more powerful versions. I am MT: Card Battle also brings a new innovative feature to the world of trading card games where players can borrow cards from their friends to use in battle.

I am MT: Card Battle is available for free on the App Store at https://itunes.apple.com/US/app/i-am-mt-card-battle/id594389292?mt=8

About Locojoy Games

Locojoy Games is dedicated to creating high-quality games for a worldwide audience.  The company develops iOS, Android and browser games in English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Spanish and Arabic.

Locojoy Games is ranked as one of the world’s Top 20 mobile publishers by games industry market research firm Newzoo.

Twitter: @locojoy_games

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Locojoy



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