Pocket Legends: Halloween Update

Pocket legends lava monster halloween

Halloween is just over a week away and the Legends series has gotten spooky with the latest batch of updates from Spacetime Studios. The recent expansion to Pocket Legends has been released which takes our heroes into lava mountains to fight dragons. Dark Legends and Star Legends have also been updated with new Halloween themed quest lines, loot and monsters.

Pocket Legends

The latest expansion for Pocket Legends is called Blacksmoke Mountain which as the title would suggest sees your adventurers travel to the smoky, ash covered heights of Blacksmoke Mountain and down into the hot, lava drenched depths of the underworld. It is only when you have traveled to the deepest darkest depths will you be able to face the dragon that dwells within.

  • Level cap increase to 76
  • New adventure areas
  • New quests
  • New gear
  • New drops

The expansion also includes a new promo code which will give your adventurer the ‘Fire Ward Horns’ vanity item.

Promo code: underworldwarrior


Star Legends

zombie cyborg mmo star legendsIf you prefer your scary goings on a little more cosmic, then Star Legends has been updated to include a new Halloween quest line which spans the galaxy. You can collect costumes and new looks for your characters such as cowls, cloaks, robes and gowns of invisibility which can be found by defeating higher level boss monsters.

For the adventurers who complete the ‘2012 Holo-ween’ quest line, you will have a chance of seeing the mysterious wraith that terrorises the fields of Tarasa Colony on STS-25. No-one knows who he is or where he came from. There is only a limited time to defeat the wraith and acquire some new loot, by the time Halloween is over the wraith will have moved on.

Dark Legends

horror costume dress up mmo scary halloweenAs you fight the forces of human and undead alike, look out for the orange spirits who will show up from time to time. Defeat them and you have chance of finding unique Dark Harvest loot which may include one of the new costumes. You can even dress your player up in ghoulish fashions straight from the movies.

If you are new to the ‘Legends’ series now would be a good time to jump back in, or try any of the other games in the series you may not have played.

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Jim Franklin

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