Flash Fiction: The last e-mail

This is my entry in response to Check Wendig’s Terribleminds.com Flash Fiction Challenge: “The Numbers Game”. In short, Chuck gave us 5 random words and we had to use 3 of them to write a 100 word piece of flash fiction.

  • Enzyme
  • Ivy
  • Bishop
  • Blister
  • Lollipop

So with only a small amount of ado, here’s my entry.


Ivy stared at the email still open on her screen. Her body paralysed, one hand locked holding the lollipop and her other hand on the mouse.

“It was a present” she thought. Ivy read the email again as the pain racked her body, trying to understand why?

“Hope you enjoyed the gift. Of course, by now the poison will be spreading through your body.


Enjoy your last few minutes.

The Bishop”

Ivy sat at her desk unable to scream. A tear rolling down her face as a colleague smiled unknowingly at her and kept walking.

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